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    Oct 2006
    IM soske of Montalban Rizal and considering to engage into a buisness na pambyehng montalban cubao using a van nagiisip ako kung ano ang mas ok kia besta 2.7 ba or hyundai grace new model or old grace model. can you give me some sightes i could see the specs of hyundai grace old model yung square pa ang ilaw

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    Sep 2005
    I strongly suggest you get the old Grace (square lights). It shares the same platform (and almost everything) with the new Mits. L-300 Exceed (local version) and also all the L-300 Delica that came from Japan (import/aka subic sourced). Parts are widely available and very cheap to maintain. We have one by the way.

    You may also get the new Grace (rounded lights). Shares the same platform but you might have trouble with aesthetic parts (e.g. lights, doors, trims, etc). I am not sure about this though but I suggest you research on this if you are inclined to this model.

    About the Kia Besta, I don't like how it looks like but that's just it. No further comments on this van.

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    Aug 2006
    bro, we owned KIA besta 2.7 (local) ... and its running well except for some problem (mahina A/C), my part-time driver, drives a grace..and so far mas convince sya sa power ng kia, its 2.7 and sa grace is lesser i not sure.. kahit 15 ang sakay, walang problema sa akyatan... anyway swertehan lang naman yan, but since ang pag pipilian mo ay parehong 2nd hand... be ready sa sakit ng ulong dala nyan... finding a good one is a grain in sand... hope you can find the better one! wish you all the luck!

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    Sep 2005
    Nga pala, yung Grace namin (square lights) has a 2.7 Diesel engine. Malakas ang hatak and masarap ihataw sa expressways (nakakatakot nga lang kse van eh).

    Sabi nga ni k2tingx, be sure to throughly inspect the vehicle since it's a second hand.

    We got our for about Php90k pero mahina brakes, mahina hatak, pangit ng paint and interior and walang A/C. We spend about 100k for fixing the brakes and engine, repaint, new seat covers, and installation of A/C. Nilinis lang namin yung interior kse mahal mag replace eh. We also added a CD player, tint and alarm. Dahan-dahan lang ang gatos namin since mabigat pero masaya naman kme sa performance.

    Another note, the front seats get hot in time because you are sitting directly above the engine. I stongly suggest you use an insulating material around the engine bay, inside the vehicle. Suggest ko sana DynaMat Extreme kaso mejo mahal to. Pag may ipon ako ule maglalagay talaga ako nito sa Grace namin.

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    Oct 2006
    thanks for your warm replies i am hopinng na makuha ko itong grce van na square light lahat ba ng squre light is 2.7 I am a computer engineer pero medyo mahilig din ako sa mga detail ng mchanical parts at medyo nag reesearch din ako on how to improve system like yung sa aircon tama yugn comment nyo na miainit nga sa harapn ng grace actually araw araw kong drive yung service namin noon na pag mamay ari ng koreano and alam ko yung mga parts na napalitan na i hope mag agreekami na makuha ko sya any idea about the fuel efficiency and some ways to improve the aircondition system

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    May 2006
    lahat ng Hyundai Grace (square light and singkit) 2.5 lang ang makina ang Besta lang ang 2.7

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    Oct 2002
    Hindi naman nagkakalayo sa power rating ang Besta 2.7 at Grace 2.5. Pero easier to work on daw ang makina ng Grace.

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    Feb 2012
    4d56 dn poba makina ng hyundai grace square lights?

Kia besta vs Hyundai grace