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    Jan 2005
    if you are concerned with fuel consumption, I would suggest the 1.4L Sentra. It has most of the good stuff found in the 1.6L...
    Ghost, B13 ba tung 1.4? Yung ginagawang taxi?
    How much ang average fuel consumption nya on city drive (stock parts)?

    I got an officemate who just bought a used Corolla XL 12valve (4-speed) for P100T. He's claiming that it's having an average city drive fuel consumption of 10km/L, hi-way at 12km/L

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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by spinnaker
    I need help in deciding a second-hand car all in 1990 model. My options are Lancer, Corolla, or Sentra. Anyone can help me especially in fuel consumption aspect and maintenance. I also need the price range of these cars, just to give me an idea before buying. Thanks.
    Corolla 16valve yung red better if you can get SKD version. All powis nga lang to

    IMO, I'd stay away from Fuel Injected cars of more than 10 y/o:
    1. the ECU might be due for replacement soon (if not yet replaced)
    2. fuel injectors may need replacement also.
    3. sensors!

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    Aug 2003
    am driving an ae92 XL4, no complaints, except that hirap talaga mag overtake. it sprints well when you get into higher gears though

    napansin ko lang, madalas kalawangin sa bandang fenders/wheel wells, and the portion where the front fender panel meets the door hinges. be sure to check them out when you plan to buy B)

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    Sep 2005
    -contrary to public opinion, the nissan sentra 1992 and up models are not "kalampagin". In fact, they are pretty durable as long as simply & regular maintenance is done. Of course, the sentra "box-type" is simply junk.
    ghosthunter, if I'm not mistaken the nissan sentra 1992 is a "box-type", right? I just saw one today sold for 125T. :question:

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    Jul 2006
    newbie here, what's a toyota corolla gl skd?

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    Oct 2002
    They were the first 1990 model Corollas (body code AE92). These were imported units since the Toyota plant was still not up and running that time. Only the tires and battery were local.

    They had a different radio and other details that separate 'em from locally made AE92's. It was said to be of superior quality vs. the locals during its time.
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    Aug 2003
    totally off topic. a kia pride 1994 or so. and lots left over to fix/spiff it up. and lots left over for lots of gas.

    seems to me that if you're on a limited budget, you will also have a limited maintenance budget. kia pride parts are dirt cheap. it gets 12km/L city. yun nga lang, wala siyang "dating." or so they say.

    but then again, "dating" and saving money don't go hand in hand.

    edit: as an aside, i was in this situation several years ago. i (foolishly) elected to buy the biggest car that fit my budget. emotional decision, since that was my "dream car" since college.

    if i had gotten a kia pride then, the cost differential (from the initial acquisition cost, the cost of maintenance/parts, AND the massive differential in the cost of fuel) would be large enough that i'd be able to buy my other "dream car" by now. or a substantial down payment on a new one.

    i was reading C&D's long-term subaru legacy report. over 40,000 miles their maintenance/parts cost was about $1500. fuel cost was about $5000. so in any car ownership situation, the fuel cost is going to dwarf all the other costs in the long run. so much better to go cheap on the fuel...
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    Oct 2005
    B13 Sentra SS>Corolla XE>Lancer GTi>B12 Sentra SGX

    for me the Sentra SS (B13) is well within the budget.
    it has DOHC 1.6L 16v 110hp which is kinda punchy and efficient. we are getting 8-10km/l under normal driving. power features from steering, windows, locks, mirrors even antenna. plus the speed sensing locks is a great feature. it has little features too like cupholders that i believe are absent in the AE92 or Singkit.

    next is the AE92 XE... id skip the guzzler 1.6L carb GL.... anyway, the all power version is a rare find naman. so going XE wont loose you that much feature compared with a regular 1.6 GL. XE has power steering and tach. it has the reliable 2E engine that even AE101 and AE111 XL, XE and LE variant uses. interior is simple, bare but functional and timeless i should say. seems still acceptable ang itsura afterall this years.

    GTi... id say that its the best among the singkit variants. SOHC 1.5L MPI. with all power and bodykits.

    B12... matulin, all power, decent features. pero goodluck na lang makahanap ng di sira ang transmission synchro. you can get this for as low as 60k.

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    Aug 2003
    for 120k you can also get a 1997 or 1998 (!!!) hyundai elantra or a 1996 proton wira (which is just an itlog lancer in disguise).

    even though these are "unknown" brands, the fact that they're 5 - 7 years "younger" in my opinion more than offsets the korean/malaysian manufacture.

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    May 2006
    Mazda 323 mura din.

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I need help in deciding a second-hand car all in 1990 model Lancer, Corolla, or Nissa