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    Jan 2010
    hi guys.. i'm helping my friend who is planning to buy her first car. she will use it almost everyday.. weekdays (going to work) while on the weekends going for a long (highway) drive with her family or friends (not all the time naman ). her budget is between 800K-900K. based on this, these are the 3 cars that she's now considering.

    1) Hyundai Accent Hatch E A/T (mid trim) - she likes this car because aside from being a dsl engine (low FC) and the engine power it brings, according to her, she always wanted to have a hatch for a car and its exterior is maporma din naman. but we notice that for its price, may lack of features sya specifically sa safety, which is important to her kasi she's not an experience driver pa plus her family will use this car din.

    2) Honda City VX - among the 3 choices, the city's interior is her favorite plus ok din ang engine power and the rear seat is very spacious which is great for long drives with her family or friends this is almost a perfect car for her BUT its not a hatch. that's why she's having a second thoughts. i've already suggested her to check the Jazz since its the hatch version of the City but unfortunately she doesn't like the exterior of jazz. hehehe

    3) Toyota Yaris 1.5 - she likes the exterior (hatch kasi siguro.. haha) interior is ok lang. its safety features are better than the accent. this is the only car na di pa namin na test drive so we don't have any idea how it rides. kamusta pala ang FC nito, di pa ako nakakabasa ng review kaya no idea.

    i know we all have different preferences but since all of you here in tsikot are more knowledgeable about cars, i would like to ask your opinions and suggestions about the 3 choices based on the information i shared.

    thank you in advance for the help.

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    Mar 2014
    Too bad she doesn't like the Jazz. VX pa makukuha nya. Hehehe

    Opinion ko lang, I will always put safety first when choosing a car.

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    Sep 2013
    Has she considered checking out the Fiesta? Perhaps the EcoBoost variant for lower FC since it still fits her budget

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    Jan 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by Louie Anson Ng View Post
    Has she considered checking out the Fiesta? Perhaps the EcoBoost variant for lower FC since it still fits her budget
    When i informed her about the problem sa powershift ng fiesta... Yung jerking. Di na nya niconsider. Kasi di pa din talaga sya experience driver. Another thing is the space.. Mas maliit sya compare dun sa 3

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    Jun 2014
    If she drives it more or less 2 hours everyday go for the frugal diesel.

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    Mar 2004
    Consider the Mazda3 hatchback, yes the price is 948T but the price includes the free 3 year PMS already. Have her take a look at the Honda Jazz again, she can get the V variant * 808T, have the headunit replaced then add reverse camera and sensors.

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    Mar 2008
    based on what i've been reading, i like the honda and the toyota.
    errr... so what if it's not a hatch? what's her complaint against sedans?
    what do i drive? an innova! medyo bahain samin, e..

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    Jan 2006
    Given the requirements that it will be used as a family car and it needs to be frugal, go with the City. It can seat 5 people, carry enough luggage in its big trunk, and it offers good FC. Our 2009 City 1.5E could do around 10 km/L in city driving conditions and around 16 km/L on the highway. Maybe with a new CVT tranny, the 2014 City could do even better.

    If you want a more comfortable ride, extend the budget a bit and go for the Civic or Altis. If you want the most fun to drive car at that budget, go for Fiesta Ecoboost. I am happy driving mine daily for 3 weeks now. The torque at low rpms will put a smile on your face once you floor that pedal.

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    Jan 2010
    thanks guys for all your inputs.. my friend decided to get the honda city because of its rear space, technology and safety features.

    inggit nga ako kasi sya my sarili ng auto.. ako next year pa. saving up for a mazda 3 2.0 soul red can't wait! hahahaha!

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