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    Aug 2009
    Hi guys, our family is currently in the market for a crossover, choices being the tucson 2.0 GL, captiva 2.0D and forester 2.0 XS, all within a budget of 1.5m. It boils down to either the forester or the tucson, with more bias towards the forester since we're planning to keep this more than 5 years, and the reliability of the korean diesels in the long run is still questionable, not that Hyundai is not dependable.

    Going for the FXT was given a thought but the parents will be using this mostly as a daily driver so fuel consumption still considered, thus the 2.0XS. I've read through much of this thread, as well as the comparo threads, especially the FXT vs tucson 2.4 gls. But still I have questions, since the parents are still lookin on our diesel choices. Hope you could clear my doubts.

    1. Is it still true that fuel consumption for the new Forester 2.0 model nearly identical to the turbo variant?
    2. How about estimated figures regarding the maintenance between the three cars? I am guessing they should be close enough considering Subaru's hefty pricetag and the maintenance for diesel engines.
    3. I know these cars aren't built for performance, but is there still some fun to be had behind the wheel?
    4. Ive been browsing the captiva thread but haven't found any solid feedback from the group of posters. It's a 50-50 split between those who are happy and those being bugged by some sort of power issue in the engine. Hope someone could share their experience with Chevy and/or the Captiva.

    We're planning for test drives for the following weeks, but your inputs are much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    Apr 2007
    1. Yes. So better go for the XT.
    2. Basta hindi bababa sa 4K every PMS. Yung sa Subaru mahal kasi ang oil na gamit nila yung Motul 8100 X-Ces or 300V I think. Yung sa Captiva, unreasonable na yung price.
    3. Forester (If XT) > Tucson > Captiva.
    4. I don't have a Captiva. Pero nagkaroon na ako ng Chevrolet before, and I don't want to have a Chevrolet again.

    Long run performance of Hyundai CRDi.. Ok naman. I've seen Starex & Matrix CRDi na lumagpas na sa 130K ODO. Tumatakbo pa

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    My lola has a Hyundai Tucson 2.0 and she's not so satisfied about it, she says her previous Altis was much better...

    Forester has an outstanding traction control.

    Among these options I would get the Captiva because of the diesel engine.

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    Apr 2008
    You might also want to take a look at your space requirements. Tucson might be too small for your family, Forester, I think is in the middle, while the Captiva might have the largest space of the three.

    Hyundai's crdi/diesel engines have a strong performance but I just wonder why, browsing through buy and sell ads recently, you will notice Hyundai models with diesel engines only a year old or two are almost always up for sale already.

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    Apr 2007
    *cripple: He is referring to the basr model diesel Tucson, not the base model with gas engine.

    *raven: Actually the Forester has the smallest interior. Crappy rear legroom. That's why I didn't buy the XT last year. I'm happy with my Hyundai diesels, I enjoy every moment frugal yet efficient. You would notice mas marami nagbebenta ng gas engine na Hyundai kesa diesel, lately.

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    Aug 2009
    *cripple_rooster, would there be someway to say that the chevy diesel engine is that reliable? Actually, parents are more interested in the Chevy than the Hyundai, but I have no solid claim to prove that the other is better than the other one. I think the Korean's selling point would be the 5 year warranty.

    *raven, yes, that has also been taken into account. But space is nothing if the vehicle's not that reliable. Not saying that any of these are lemons, but still looking for the bang for the buck amongst these.

    *Starex_Gold, thanks for the insights!, pero mukhang inde talaga maapprove ang XT dito. Might as well let the sales people do the talking.

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    Apr 2007
    Parang mas marami pa ako nakikitang Forester XT than Forester X / XS..

    Yung Captiva naman, nabasa ko sa Wiki na parang same engine sila ng 1st gen Tucson. Pero yun sa Captiva naka VGTurbo na. Siguro naman matibay yan, mahirap lang mag source out ng parts ng Chevrolet sa labas kasi mahal talaga sa Casa.

    Sa Tucson meron ako binibilihan ng Genuine parts sa Araneta Ave, Pasay at Banawe.. Mura pa.

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    Apr 2008
    Technically, the Captiva is actually one class above the two, it being a 7 seater (or at least available as a 7 seater) which is Santa Fe territory. I share the same sentiment as bro night_raven, you might find the Tucson and Forester a bit small. The Captiva is actually quite a good car and it is actually Korean (and not American) like the Tucson. If it was sold here under a native Korean brand, it would've probably fared better in terms of sales. Chevy's after sales is a deterrent big enough to repel huge amounts of buyers despite their now respectable lineup. You may want to consider some of the 2nd hand (but not too old) Sorento's and Santa Fe's for sale as well. But between the three, it seems the Tucson is still the safer choice.

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    Apr 2007
    Yung Captiva pilit na 7 seater

    It's smaller than the SF and Sorento. And you can't notice that the Captiva is bigger than the Tucson.

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    Dec 2005
    Chevrolet I think is also Daewoo. If that's correct to say then Chevrolet is Korean made also. The Chevrolet Optra is definitely a Daewoo and Daewoo is the one who came out with Racer and Espero models before and I don't see any running or going round town anymore.

    Subaru is good but you might have to shell out more for maintenance in the future specially for hard to find parts as they are not the type you can get easily get at your local chop shops since there aren't that many of them to chop around

    Hyundai is Korean made of course but, hey, they've really improved over the last decade. They're probably almost there, if not there, with the other better known brands. Hyundai diesel technology is like saying it's a Mitsubishi diesel since they have a substantial share in Hyundai.

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