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    Aug 2009
    i sometimes put my mini laptop on the top of the passenger side dashboard laki kasi haha

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    Dec 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Type 100 View Post
    My Jazz has gotten hit from behind by a bus.

    If it's rear occupant protection you're worried about, don't. There's a lot of space between the hatch and the rear seats to act as a crumple zone - the hatch and the stiffened rear end will take a lot of punishment away from occupants.

    Try to look for rear-end crash photos of Jazzes on the Internet. I have my own in the "Me and My Tsikot" forum.

    Yup, I saw the pics bro. Just goes to show how strong the beams are at the back of the Jazz....Sadly, barely a few days after your DIY of the LED tail lamps... Anyway, it's good that it's back, and with a vengeance!


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    Aug 2010
    HELP!!! my hubby will buy me bnew car but can't decide between honda jazz 2010 or city 2010. need to know which is more fuel efficient, safe (i always bring my 9 yr.old daughter with me) and practical. tnx

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    Jun 2009
    IMHO, speaking on the practical side...

    i suggest the city since you will be using it as a family car (i think) and it has a bigger rear compartment for your everyday needs.

    and, as parking/mall/office security always ask us to open our trunk, you wont feel the "negative pressure" upon closing the lid in the city, unlike that in the jazz....super helpful if, for example, your daughter is sleeping inside the car...

    cant comment on the fuel efficiency since i havent tested the jazz.

    on the safe side, get the ones with dual airbags...

    no offense to our brother jazz owners...

    for more info on the new city, feel free to visit this site...


    1.5 E city owner here...
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    Aug 2009
    get the city 1.3S manual if kung katipiran ok na ok yun dual airbags ABS and EBD practical tlga

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    Jun 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by mreyes View Post
    on the safe side, get the ones with dual airbags...

    no offense to our brother jazz owners...
    *mreyes: as far as I know dual airbags din ang Jazz.

    *slurpee: On Fuel Consumption: I believe they are the same because they have the same engine, same transmission, and approximately the same curb weight (no significant power-to-weight advantage of one over the other)

    On Safety, Both doesn't come with alarm and doesn't have autolock functions. Both cars come with ABS, EBD, and Dual Airbags (City A lang ang walang airbag). The Jazz have the better tires so you have better grip during driving. But if you're talking about crashes, the bigger the car, generally, the safer it is. Longer crumple zones in the front and at the back for the City, therefore generally safer.

    On Practicality, both are pratical in its own way. Depends on your needs. Cabin-wise, the Jazz is generally more flexible as you can store really bulky items when needed, because of its design and the ULT seats. But as mreyes said, nakaka-istorbo when mall security opens the trunk door at malaki na naman talaga yun trunk ng City with 500 liters of space. Practicality sa price, syempre mas mura ang City, also, the larger tires of the Jazz will mean mas mahal yung tires mo when time comes that you need to replace it na.

    Although I really like the Jazz (been wanting one since it was released 2004), I never got to own one because I felt it was too expensive for such a small car. Got a Vios 1.3E instead of the base Jazz several years back. And just recently, I picked the City 1.5E over the 1.5V Jazz.

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    Feb 2007
    Both have dual airbags, BTW, here's the crash test results for both cars, however, the crash test for the city was by ANCAP, while the jazz was done by EURO NCAP. The Jazz got 5 stars, while the city got 4.


    [ame=" index=58"]YouTube- Honda City 2009 ANCAP Crash Test (4 stars)[/ame]


    [ame=""]YouTube- Euro NCAP | Honda Jazz | 2009 | Crash test[/ame]

    I suggest you get the city because of it's more comfy ride. Jazz kase medyo sporty ang ride (IMO). In terms of engine performance and fuel efficiency, hindi magkakalayo yan, same engine lang naman, however, AFAIK, mas magaan lang ng konti ng jazz compared sa city.

    Overall, both are very good cars. It's just a matter of preference and budget.
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    Feb 2008
    ill suggest you go for the city. AFAIK, same engine gamit nila. wider trunk space, more leg room, sedan.

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    Mar 2005
    Arbor na lang yung LED tail lights ng Jazz heheh pwede pa yun! Sayang walang side curtain airbags yung jazz at city dito. Yung last test yan ba yung active headrest ng jazz/city?
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    Aug 2005
    i will get the jazz....but...the ford fiesta is intriguing...

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