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    Mar 2014
    Quote Originally Posted by germs View Post
    Why do you list tight rear leg room as a con for the Mazda 3? It's not even tight in there anymore. Maybe you could say that about the first 2 gens, but the new one is way more spacious now.

    If in case you have not tried sitting at the back of the new Mazda 3, i think they have a public launch this weekend at BGC. Maybe you can go check it out. Personally, I went to Mazda Greenhills when my SA told me that they already have units in their showroom.
    I've been to the Mazda 3 BGC showroom and I can say that the rear leg room is enough for a normal person (unless the driver and front passenger are 6'11", then the rear leg room is not enough). Although, in comparison, the leg room for the City is insane! Even if the driver seat is fully extended to the back, there is still a wide rear leg room for the City.

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    Mar 2014
    Quote Originally Posted by zechs View Post
    i would choose the toyota altis but the 1.6 V variant, if I'm going to buy na rin a new car, stretch ko na konti budget ko to get what I really want. Don't get me wrong though, ok naman yung honda city eh (we do have three at home) pero hindi siya "wow" sa akin eh.
    Kaya 1.6G ng Altis ang naconsider ko kasi 935k sya vs 945k ng Mazda 3. Eh para sakin mas sulit si Mazda 3 1.5 compared kay Altis 1.6G kasi si M3 all solid disc brakes, multi-link beam rear suspension, parking sensors din. Ayun nga lang, 1.5 'yung makina. :p

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    Mar 2014
    Quote Originally Posted by Walter View Post
    Altis has a more comfortable suspension than the Mazda3.
    Sure po ba 'to sir? Naging pro ko kasi suspension kay M3 kasi multi-link si Mazda 3 eh torsion beam si Altis.

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    Mar 2004
    ^^^ Mazda 3 is a driver's car. It has a better suspension when it comes to handling. When it comes to city driving comfort, Altis is a bit better. But that's not to say that Mazda 3's suspension is not comfortable.

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    Mar 2004
    Would get the Mazda 3 just because it's CBU Japan.

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    Jul 2013
    try ko mag test drive ng altis kasi for me ang sablay lang sa mazda 3 2.0 eh yung road noise

    share ko dito experience ko pagkatapos

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    Apr 2014

    sir share ko lang ang new honda city2014 bakal ang wheels for the e variant for the price 760k (no promo,no free accesories, no free lto) aabutin daw ng 800k including insurance then if yournt satisfied bibili ka pa ng mags. almost same price of civic,lancer ex,focus, ;( na naka mags and 1.6liter engine

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    Mar 2004
    Mazda3's front aesthetics will get ruined once you install plate numbers. The designers didn't factor the plate number location.

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    Jul 2010
    test drove both city and M3 last week seems mas responsive ang city kesa M3 at maluwag ang legroom ng city.

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    May 2014
    2014 Honda City trumps most Compact cars in rear leg room department even the class leading 2014 Toyota Altis. But remember the City is a Sub-compact car so there will be less shoulder room at the back. I still prefer the comfort level of the passenger seat of any Compact Cars today. Excluding the Ford Focus.

    Rear leg room for each Sedan cars (centimeters)

    MZ3 - 91 cm
    Civic - 92 cm
    Altis - 105 cm
    Lancer - 92 cm
    Impresa - 90 cm
    Focus - 84 cm

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