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    Quote Originally Posted by ryan View Post
    Between the two, I'm quite partial towards the new 1.5L City as I'm considering getting a low cost, low maintenance car next year.

    City's interior finish seems quite upscale (from the pics) and all the important features I need (e.g. A/T, decent power + fuel economy, spacious + many compartments, dual airbags + ABS/EBD, alarm, etc) are already included for under 800k.

    While the bigger A/T Altis is also nice and will probably cost just around 100k more, I don't see a good enough reason in getting one since space on the City will probably be good enough to fit 4-5 people.

    I'll just use the money saved for fuel.
    nicely said. for economy i'd go for the city. for peace of mind and if im not considering the factors that goes along with the city, well i'd go for the altis kaso higher model para sakin once na tumapak na sa price range ng base model ng higher class eh somewhat para sakin too pricey na which makes me think sometimes its not practical anymore

    "Change the rules" or "Be the STAR" ???

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    Dont get any base models. mabibitin at dismaya ka lang sa lack of features.

    In terms of cost, both cars are cheap to own.
    Comfort wise, i felt more comfortable inside the city

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    Ang mga na-drive ko lang yung last-gen Altis tsaka yung last-gen City. Parang ang sikip ng City! Siguro dala na rin ng aking fat-*$$. Yung City hindi na comfortable kung 5 ang sakay (o kahit 4 na mataba/matangkad). Sa Altis, ok pa naman ang legroom kahit puno.

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    does the altis have an aux-in socket for mp3 players? automatic city is 5-speed. altis (even the 2.0) is 4-speed. :|

    but if we are talking about 800k and up, definitely altis.

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    altis has optional head unit worth around 50 to 60 tousand (can't remember the exact amount)... touch screen lcd monitor, dvd-mp3 player with usb socket... gaganda lalo ang interior ng altis pag naka install to...

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    Quote Originally Posted by agent_ysann View Post
    altis has optional head unit worth around 50 to 60 tousand (can't remember the exact amount)... touch screen lcd monitor, dvd-mp3 player with usb socket... gaganda lalo ang interior ng altis pag naka install to...
    yup the interior of the altis (already not that good compared to civic, etc) will improve because of the head unit. But its too much. 50-60k can get you better monitors/sound system outside.

    Try to feel which car's interior you are more comfortable with. I drive a toyota but i find the interior of a Honda far more superior.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gen. Miting View Post
    gas tank is in the front seats. hmm... safe ba yan sa banggaan
    How many front/rear end collisions end up crumpling the floor in the middle of the cabin, at the b-pillars where the fuel tank is? It's probably infintesimal compared to the number of rear-end collisions that rupture rear tanks. And the fact that the tank is above the floor makes it safer from underbody puncture than a standard tank.


    The City is a sporty little car, superior transmission, engine technology, better fit and finish... but it's just not as comfortable as the Altis.

    The Altis will get marginally poorer fuel economy in traffic, but the suspension is so much softer than the City's, and the seats of the new Honda City are just like the Civic's... with a hard piece of foam sticking straight into the small of your back. The Corolla's seats are much softer, and are wider and better shaped than the Vios's (which feel a bit wrong). The only reason not to get the Corolla is the poor build (some rattly parts inside) and the stupidly light steering.


    Buying for family: Corolla

    Buying for self: City.

    Wait, scratch that. If you're buying for yourself? get the Jazz. Better seats than the City, and it still has the sophisticated ULT.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    I dont know guys/ladies but for me City & Altis are just on a different level. Altis is with Civic. But if you really, really, really want to compare the 2 make it a bit more fair shall we say.

    Low end of City against low end of Altis & High end of City against high end of Altis. At the end of the day you dont compare the highs from the lows, its just not fair hehe.

    Just like they say follow your heart, same thing in buying a car haha if you do it you are already one proud owner whatever unit it is. Peace!!!

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    yes sir they are from different levels po pero ngayon ko lang din naisip na marami rin palang factors siguro tinitignan nila sa both cars kaya magkaibang levels pinagkukumpara nila like for example siguro yung looks ng car pati comfort without thinking about the price hehe

    pero since di ko pa nakikita masyado umilaw likod ng city, in ako sa altis kasi mga led yung tail lights niya asteg pero kung kaparehas ng altis yung lights ng city edi city naman hehe!

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