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    Feb 2008
    Oh you'll get used to the center dash in a short while a lot of Pinoys did anyway (Vios the common car in this country also has a center dash)

    Ako talaga pag may pera lang talaga that I can easily throw without regrets I would like to buy the Queen Mother of all sub-compacts. The Mini Cooper! IN MY DREAMS!

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    Dec 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by nurse_corrupted View Post
    Current 30k discount is the standard discount AFAIK. Fact is honda doesn't give any, even for their civic fd that is one of my options last 2007.

    Pero overpricing it then give a huge discount to make it look like discounted? I don't know about that. As I've said, if the Yaris and Jazz 1.5L A/T has a price difference of 10-15k, then I'll go for the Jazz without a question. But 100k peso difference? That's going overboard.
    Ah you'll never know how the wonders of marketing can affect your purchase decision. Haven't you ever wonder why Toyota always make you think that there is always this "discount" you get that is, as you've said "standard"?

    Reminds me of this price tag I saw in Divi:

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    Apr 2009
    I don't like Hondas actually, pero para kay Mam TS, Honda Jazz 1.5 A/T ang nababagay sa kanya hehe. Sporty but.. this car is meant for girls lang talaga IMO.

    Swift - I think para sa isang sporty guy ito nababagay.

    Yaris - I think para naman sa tamang sporty lang hehe.

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    Dec 2007
    We can claim any time we want that Toyota's may overpriced their cars so customers can get huge discount. It's like claiming Pacman is using PEDs. In short, we are not 100% sure.

    It may or may not be the case but it won't deny what is perceived. Honda 1.5L Jazz A/T * 832k offers no unit discount. Toyota 1.5L Yaris A/T * 766k offers 30 - 50k disount. And that are figures.

    It depends on the TS what she value most. What we are doing is presenting opinions and figures to give her some situations that she can deal with when buying a brand new car.

    1. If we are comparing both 1.5L Jazz and Yaris, I'd go with the Jazz in a heartbeat, but the price is just too prohibitive.
    2. Comparing on pricepoint: 1.3L Jazz A/T * 772k no unit discount compared with 1.5L Yaris A/T * 776k with 30k discount, I'd go to the Yaris here. A 1.5L engine that is much cheaper compared to the 1.3L of the Jazz. Spec wise between this two cars, Yaris is a clear winner. Price wise and value wise.

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    Oct 2002
    But buying a car is more than a pricetag attached to an engine and four wheels.

    You are also buying an image or lifestyle. This is especially true with the Jazz with its bigger and more versatile interior. Fold FLAT rear seats create a cargo space volume in the rear that would rival a SUV.

    The extreme cab forward design also gives the Jazz the feeling of even more interior space.

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    Apr 2009
    Whoa! I'm surprised to see how fast moving this thread has become. I really, really appreciate everyone's comments, suggestions and concern.

    Ghosthunter, right on. There's really more to buying a car.

    At first I was just going to buy a 2nd hand car. I thought I just need a vehicle to get me from point A to point B. But then all the canvassing etc. has led me to realize that since this is my first car, worked hard to save for the past 5 years, might as well get the brandnew. Thanks to all of you, now I've looked into the bigger picture and not just ocused on the aesthetics and the price.

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    Jan 2005
    the versatility of the jazz is hard to beat, and it comes with a higher price tag

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    Apr 2009
    ^ Tumpak!

    Oh by the way, spoke with my Honda agent yesterday and he said No discounts since this is a scheme often used by other dealers - give the buyers a discount, make them feel as if they had a "good deal". When in fact they just overpriced the SRP. Very tiangge style of selling. No offense to those who were able to get a discount

    I can get the following for free:

    - full 3M tint (including windshield)
    - rust proofing
    - parking sensor
    - driver's sun visor w/ mirror (it's not offered in the 1.3L variant, girls gotta have a mirror )

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    Dec 2007
    I wish you luck. The posters have their own preference but with the above suggestions such as:

    1.5 Swift A/T
    1.5 Jazz A/T
    1.3 Jazz A/T
    1.5 Yaris A/T
    1.5 Mazda A/T

    You wouldn't go wrong with any of these brands. As posted, they have all their pros and cons regarding your preference on: aesthetics, versatility, cargo space, price, performance.

    It's up to you and it is you who will ultimately decide what is the car that fits your needs and your lifestyle.

    We wish you luck and congratulations on your eventual choice. What is sure is you wouldn't go wrong choosing a brand new car over the used one.

    Good luck!

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    Apr 2009
    Mam Eunice, bigyan ko po kayo ng quote :

    Choose what you love, then love what you have chosen.

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help! Jazz 1.3 AT or Swift AT?