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    Dec 2010
    For the owners, pakilagay naman mga input nyo dito. Mga pros and cons. If there are cons, anu solution nila?

    Newbie question ulit. I am choosing between the two e. Thanks! Cheers!

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    Sep 2009
    Sir yesterday I test drive 5 cars including those two.
    Jazz - 2012 1.5v and Fiesta 1.6 AT space po maluwag yong Jazz, FC po nasa pag apak po sa gas but I guest Jazz take this point, suspension I go for Fiesta dahil Euro spec, acceleration almost the same since both engine are responsive, in car entertainment Fiesta win because of bluetooth connectivity and you can plug your phone and use the center consol for dialing, sound quality Jazz win because of the 4 speaker positioning and design Jazz win again. over all po sir it up to you pa rin medyo mahal lang ang Jazz, ako still thinking if I will buy a Jazz or the Livina... almost same price range kasi after the discount from NIssan. I drove those car for 30 mins same route po so I can compare head to head

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    Dec 2010
    Hello guys. Thanks for all the tips you have shared. Nagtanong na din ako sa Honda Cars Cainta pero out of stock daw sila at medyo mahal nga ang Jazz. It's sad that there are no more "top of the line" cars with MT. Bihira na lang. Sa maintenance cost ng Jazz? Ok naman ba? No issues sa suspension, leaks, annoying sounds, etc?

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    May 2010
    the jazz is a fine car. very spacious inside and the ride quality is really well.

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    Jazz 1.5 has a good performance, and the internal space is an advantage over the Fiesta.

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    Apr 2009
    ford fiesta for me, sportier looking imho. pang-binata kumbaga, pang-hatak ng chx

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    Jan 2011
    Gwapo talaga yung Fiesta lalo na yung hatchback tapos chilly orange kaya lang in the longrun mas OK pa din yung Jazz kase mas mura ang parts tsaka cost of maintenance kung hindi mo balak ibenta...

Ford Fiesta 2011 vs. Honda Jazz 2010-2011