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    Nov 2011
    hi tsikot!

    i need inputs and advice. i'm getting a family hauler na 2nd hand. budget is 800-850K. things to consider are ample space for 4 pax, easy to drive since my wife will drive it as well when needed, comfy ride, good fuel mileage (9-10 km/l city???), easy to dispose. i'm waiting for a 2010 kia sorento that i will get early 2013.

    my choices are:
    1. hyundai sta.fe
    2. kia carens
    3. toyota innova (i like it's simplicity)


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    Oct 2002
    The easiest to dispose will be the Innova and at your budget, the Innova will be the newest unit you can find, second hand.

    All are good choices and will meet your criteria of easy to drive, comfy ride (Innova will be the least comfy), and good FC so the best is to go out and look at all possible units and take the freshest pick. Given all is equal in condition and price, i'd go with the Sta. Fe of course.

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    May 2010
    Santa Fe of course! no doubt, in all aspects, it by far wins in every aspect over the two.

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    May 2006
    Kaso may easy to dispose clause...yeah Innova just for that

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    Oct 2007
    800k - 850k na lang ba santafe?

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    May 2010
    *oliver: i think the Santa Fe is easy to dispose. Our neighbor sold his 07 SF after a 2 weeks of selling it.

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    Nov 2006
    a brand new kia carens is priced at (Carens 2.0 LX VGT CRDi MT) 899,000.00... my vote would be for the brand new carens... very comfortable ride and very powerful engine (maybe not as powerful as the current sta fe evgt)...

    i heard from a friend who owns a carens that dealers are giving big discounts for carens now.... so the price can still go lower than 899k...

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    Jun 2006
    Most comfortable will be the Sta Fe but you need to get 2nd hand. If you can, get new. Try to strech you budget to get the Carens. Yun nga lang Kia resell value will be low. Innova j will fit your budget. Although you do get the basic model.

    That said, I have a Innova J and have no complaints. Great FC, easy to sell, fits your requirements.

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    Nov 2011
    thanks guys! i thought a bnew carens is around P1.1M. i need an a/t for my wife. i checked the sta.fe kanina and and not that big of an suv afterall. i might go for the sta.fe maybe an '06-'07. i don't wanna stretch my budget tapos hulugan and sayang naman after 12-18 months ko lang gagamitin benta na agad.

    if the sta.fe feels like a big sedan on high-heels i might use that as my daily driver din .
    laki ako sa hatchback and mid-sized sedans so i i'm not really into suv's. i owned a hand-me-down pajero field master before and sold it after less than a year and switched to an accord. now lang kasi i have a growing family so i need something bigger for the weekends.

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    May 2010
    The Santa Fe's ride is comparable to a jazz. nuff said.

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