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    Mar 2009
    If the Altis 1.8Vs condition is great, then I'd get it. Get the grey one if you can.

    If you're doubtful about its condition, and have zero idea on how its maintenance regimen was then I'd go with the [possibly] less exciting but hassle-free brand new 1.6V Altis.

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    Sep 2005
    i'd get the brand new.. mas matipid na.. updated pa.. less prone pa to sira in the next few years...

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    Dec 2002
    The 1.6V would be a better choice for me especially if you plan on staying for at least 5 years with your company. Brand new feeling, less headaches. I don't think you'll even notice the difference of 1.8 and 1.6 in MM traffic.

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    Apr 2008
    We have a family friend who has a charcoal grey 2009 Altis 1.8V. Very nice car. It mimics a midsize sedan quite well. Ride is very comfortable indeed. Interior materials are of high quality too. Even if the transmission is also a 4 speed A/T like the 1.6, this one has manual shift override for more spirited driving.

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    Jun 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by niky View Post
    Ah, if so, then I'd go for that car. Typically, resale value of TOTL cars is not that good down the line, but the 1.8 is just rare enough that it might balance out... and since fuel economy for the 1.8 isn't bad compared to the 1.6... and definitely better than any of the 2.0 TOTL competitors, you might be sitting on a decent value at the end of that time.

    Still, look at it this way... in two years, your free car is purchaseable at: what price?

    In five years, you have a free car that is purchaseable at... what price?

    If the answer, in either case, is below 400k... or better... below 300k, basta... 100k below market price (not asking price)... then I'd consider buying either to sell on after.

    Money might be the deciding factor. In those years, who is responsible for maintenance? Who pays for tires? With the brand new car, the first major repairs will be a long ways away, and you get to ride on the free car thing for much longer.

    Sorry, but im not familiar with the term TOTL...

    Sir, both cars can be purchased at around 15-25% from original purchase option 1 at that rate but by 2014, and option at that rate by 2017.

    I actually thought of the same thing (re-selling it) as I did with my previous car from another company (honda city 1.3 AT), however, a friend of time said that the 1.8L would be more difficult to sell after two years (even though mileage as i compute it will be around 60-65k in two years) and so he advised me to get the newer one instead..

    in both options, all maintenance, insurance, tire replacement, gasoline expenses for the car will be shouldered by the company.

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    Jun 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by jut703 View Post
    I drive a 2.0V pre-facelift Altis and the thing I want most in the facelifted model is the CVT. That won't be applicable to you though, since both models have 4-ATs. Perhaps the next biggest loss is the keyless entry/ignition. You can live without it though, but admittedly it's convenient when you don't have to fumble for keys every time. Then there's the aux port, but you can have this added for around 4k (already includes USB connectivity, which the facelifted Altis still doesn't have).

    The soft suspension of the pre-FL Altis isn't really something to worry about if you just drive in normal conditions - even at illegal triple digit speeds, the car feels stable and planted. It's when you make sudden inputs with the steering that the car loses a lot of its composure. It doesn't help that the soft EPS makes it feel floaty.

    That said, I'd recommend the 1.8V just because it's got a better engine. Even with the updated 1.6 on the new model, I'm pretty sure the 1.8V would still have more grunt. I haven't verified this, but I read somewhere that the 1.8 accelerstes as fast as the 2.0 since it's a lighter engine. All I know is that I can get 10 second 0-100 runs with the 2.0, give or take a few hundred milliseconds. If the 1.8 cando that, then it truly is an impressive engine. Get it in grey if you can.
    hi jut703,

    thanks for you inputs.

    i agree with the biggest losses will be the keyless entry/ignition and the aux port as im a very heavy ipod user though i'm still not sure with what i'll get.. the color of the unit is charcoal grey by the way

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    Oct 2010
    TOTL = Top Of The Line

    mine is same as suggested above, if you plan to stay long, might as well get the new one

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    Aug 2004
    15-25%... that's 80-150k for the 1.8, could maybe resell at 250-300k... 150-200k for the 1.6, could maybe sell for 300-400k... Both good deals...

    From an economic point of view, whether you keep or sell, the 1.6 makes more sense. Especially since the company will shoulder expenses for three extra years...

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    Jun 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by vinj View Post
    I have no experience with the 1.6V model (i have a manual version of the current gen) but when i used to ride the 1.8L of my friend going up north, it had a very healthy midrange rpm pull when it came to overtaking (no match yung previous gen 1.6 definitely). The 1.8V is also quite rare, especially if it's the charcoal grey colored one.

    If you get option A and you buy it after two years, you'll be issued a new car again? If that's the case then i may go for option A as I can buy it sooner, get a new car for service right after buying it, then i can resell or use it.
    sir vinj,

    sorry i think i forgot to answer this one.. if i get option A, after two years, yes i'll be issued a new car again..more or less the same type of car 1.6/1.8 AT model of that year (2015)

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    Oct 2005
    I dont know if it's just me, but I seem to have observed that in the long run, middle variants tends to be faster sell and has better resale than top line models.

    But I'll go option A for the reason that after 2 years for sure madaming magagandang oto na lalabas, come the time you are about to sell the Altis. Then you can secure a better brand new car.

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