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    Oct 2008
    hmmm how come swift seems to be so unpopular here? HE HE

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by caruboi View Post
    hmmm how come swift seems to be so unpopular here? HE HE
    It is a value-for-money thing. The only thing going for the SWIFT is it's unique shape which resembles the mini-cooper. Beyond that, other cars offer better stuff like bigger interior space, better fuel mileage, better performance, more aftermarket support, etc.

    So buying a brand new Swift can be the unpopular choice. But buying a slightly used Swift (as a weekend car) can be okay.

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    Aug 2004
    If this is to be your main car, the Swift just doesn't work. Not practical enough.

    But as a second, or even third car, it's great... nippy... fun to drive, and good-looking.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Jul 2008
    Well it seems Suzuki offerings are for the niche market... Just to give you another perspective...coming from one who does not own a Zuk.

    Admittedly the Jazz is the more popular car. It have its merits. Many wanted and would like to own it. And this would make it "everyday" common.

    Just like music, maganda man yon song kon paulit-ulit nakakasawa na rin. You want the "alternative".

    Buying a Swift needs a different type of mentality--definitely not the one with a conventional wisdom. A different kind of attitude. Why? One have to rise above the caveats, the batikos, etc.

    Its like treading the path less traveled. You like it, you love it, why not go for it?

    Its just like choosing a spouse. Perhaps, many would not agree with your choice. And, probably at your age, the car is the next best thing.

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    Aug 2008
    yah i agree choosing a swift is liking choosing an exotic dancer er wife. your parents may not approve of her bec. she's from a different world but hey she's exotic.

    i dont know if i made sense, but i agree with the above

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    Aug 2008
    yah i agree choosing a swift is liking choosing an exotic dancer er wife. your parents may not approve of her bec. she's from a different world but hey she's exotic.

    i dont know if i made sense, but i agree with the above

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    Feb 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by Gen. Miting View Post
    the interior space of the Swift is just about same interior space of the Hyundai I10. I was lucky enough to check out both vehicles inside a mall exhibit.

    my take, a 700K+ swift vs. a sub 500K i10. dun na ako sa i10. 5 years warranty pa.

    but i10 vs honda Jazz, definitely if have 700K money for swift, sa jazz na ako.
    really? i saw the i10 and it was veeerry smaaal parang wala pa ngang enough space para sa mga tao sa likod


    i agree with them go with what your extinc tells you. to each his own po tayo dito. the suggestions here are just our "suggestions" even if a millions says jazz is a better choice, but still the final decision is in your hands

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    Sep 2006
    new 1.5 jazz owner here. hehe.

    1) Looks: Mas maganda yung jazz. Pagkakuha ko ng jazz last friday, may nakasalubong akong suzuki swift. una na siya sa corner sa akin, pero biglang tumigil siya. pinauna ako. haha. parang tiningnan nung swift ng "head to toe" yung jazz. the new jazz is really a head-turner. kaya hindi muna ako magpapa-tint. hehe.

    2) Fuel Consumption: i reset the FC meter today before i left home so that i can check its consumption sa monday morning traffic. it takes 5 minutes (2km) just to get out of our village kasi ang daming humps kaya sobrang baba pa (7-8km/L) sa simula. i traveled from tandang sora - commonwealth - circle - quezon ave - edsa - ortigas. by the time i got to the office, 13+ km/L na. hehehe. didn't use the paddle shifters today.

    3) Features: gaya nga ng sabi nila, if you have the extra cash, go for the 1.5 jazz. Ang dami talagang added features: power fold side mirrors, better exterior add-ons, turn signal integrated with side mirrors, alarm, 5-speed A/T (1.3 A/T is also 5-speed) etc. In terms of space, ang luwag talaga ng jazz. im 5'9". i pushed the driver's seat all the way back then i tried sitting behind it. comfortable pa rin.

    4) Driving Comfort: maganda yung suspension ng bagong jazz. And very comfy yung seats.

    5) Speed and Weight: ang sarap i harurot ng jazz. hehe. compared to the vios, almost the same weight sila. 1.5 jazz is 1110 kg, 1.5 vios is 1105kg. pero lamang sa hp yung 1.5 na jazz (120hp vs 107hp)

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    Oct 2008
    Hi guys!

    I went to both dealerships two days ago in Makati.

    I must admit, the sporty Honda Jazz looks good in person than it does on paper. I like the red instead of the cerulean. I inspected the interiors too, very nice and gadget-y.. which I know would appeal to some and 'blah' to other people. The panel is just too hovered with all these knobs and buttons, you feel like you're in the apollo 14. But the containers do come handy, its obvious that they really maximized the space in terms of design. Was very impressed.

    After seeing it in person, I like the jazz more than I already do.

    On the other side of the ring is the Swift. Sleek exterior design with classic curves and modern Interior. After being in the jazz, the swift's interior looked so bland.. Then I realized these cars are so much different pala beneath the surface. Yes, they belong in the same car genre, but what they offer does vary from their expected market. Swift can be sporty and classic, while Jazz is sporty and modern. All the interior instrument panel ng Jazz can be found in the swift, iba lang sila ng delivery.

    Now My questions:

    1. Wala pala silang foglamps sa Jazz?
    2. jazz SOHC engine vs swift DOHC?
    3. Is V-tec just a marketing term for VVTI?
    4. Minimum turning ratio? What does it mean? Jazz boasts of 5.2 while swift has 4.7mm?
    5.The suzuki guy said something that made me wonder, and I quote, "do you really want to drive a car than everyone else has?" The jazz is a looker now, but after 3-4 months on the market, I bet I would already see it on a daily basis. And so my question goes, Would those things take away the "fun" in the long run? Swift has been there since 2005 and up to now it's not everyday that you see one.. (or atleast my part of the metro - makati, manila, bay city, laspinas)

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    Oct 2008
    Thought to post both dealerships offers:

    1. HONDA JAZZ 1.3AT P 747,000.00
    20% 149,400
    Chattel 20,000
    Compre Insu 30,300
    LTO 3 y 6,414

    cash out: 210,114 (hindi ba dapat standard na free na yung ci, lto at chattel?)

    free: floormat, seatcover, ewd, umbrella, keychain
    free 1 yr PMS chek up parts and labor

    2. SUZUKI SWIFT 1.5AT P755,000
    less 15k on unit price
    20% 151,000.000
    free lto
    ci - 25000
    cmf - 20,810
    cash out P183, 354

    or option 2
    20% 155000
    no cash discount
    free lto, insurance and cmf

    free 2 yrs Preventive maintenance labor and parts
    free tint, seatcover floormatt
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