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    May 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by paolorenzo View Post
    touché Niky.

    I just like the idea that my car can be serviced by Tsikot white-listed shops (e.g. Speedyfix, Cruvens, Mang Mario, etc.), which may not be likely with the new Jazz.

    On the plus side of Honda, their service is far better than Toyota (comparing my experience with my old 1st gen City, serviced by Honda Libis-Pasig, and my current Revo, serviced by Toyota Makati).
    Toyota vs Honda Quality...

    Parang di ata umabot sa industry standard ang Honda...Paki chek na lang.

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    Oct 2008
    honda jazz ang ganda kaso nadala na ako sa mahal ng maintenance sa honda casa

    toyota vios n lng para tipid s maintenance and parts

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    Aug 2007
    honda jazz for me, i won't mind the expensive maintenance as long as i'm satisfied and mostly, love it...

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    Feb 2008
    The people have spoken using their money.

    Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) has bared that it has reached an all-time high hatchback sales record with the introduction of the second generation Jazz model.

    "After its successful premiere during the 2nd Philippine International Motor Show, the new Jazz generated a total of 394 unit sales in October basing from the report recently released by the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. (CAMPI)," HCPI said in a statement.

    HCPI added that apart from posting the highest monthly sales performance of the Jazz since its local introduction in 2004, the 394-unit count is the biggest monthly hatchback sales throughout the entire Philippine automotive industry history.

    The car maker said that the Jazz's entry triggered the emergence of the hatchback market as more and more Filipino motorists demanded models that are smaller and more fuel efficient.

    From four percent in 2004, the hatchback market ballooned to 17 percent of the car segment by the end of 2007.

    Being in the market in less than two months, the new Jazz has already registered cumulative sales of almost 600 units. Warm reception also boosted HCPI's performance in the passenger car (PC) segment by nine percent with 1,123 PC units sold in October (compared with 1,027 in September). This puts Honda in a stronger position with 29-percent market share.

    The Jazz officially commenced sales in September, a month after its debut in the local market. The Jazz is touted as the country’s Fun Utility Vehicle or F.U.V. since it presents dynamic and refreshing features that surely bring pure fun and excitement in one’s driving experience.

    During its first month in the market, a total of 203 unit sales were initially posted as customers eagerly awaited the release of the Jazz. This is even higher than the initial 145-unit sales of the first generation Jazz in 2004.

    HCPI records showed that the all new Jazz sold 162 units in just one day, a rise of more than 100 percent than the average 15 daily.

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    May 2008
    Great choice sir!

    My friends who got their hondas, never took a second look at their list of choices after purchasing.
    On the other hand, my friends who chose the other brands keep on thinking about what if.

    I guess that shows a lot about the build, quality, and performance of the honda cars which is why no matter how much more expensive they are, people would still purchase them without having any regrets whatsoever.

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    Aug 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by marcons View Post
    it's true, honda parts are more expensive than toyota parts because toyota have a lot of replacement or after market parts compared to honda. anyway, try to compare all the features of the 3 cars, regardless of honda being the prestigious.

    about the maintenance cost, babawi ka on the resale value...

    btw, 90% of taxi cabs in cagayan de oro city are toyota altis, around 30 units of the altis are the 2008 models. i asked the driver why the taxi operators didn't use Vios as taxi cabs which is cheaper than altis. (PM me nalang if you want to know the answer of the driver). i don't want to create conflicts here. ;)
    pa PM mo nga sakin kung bakit mas gusto nila altis sa vios. thanks in advance

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    Nov 2011
    Good day everyone!

    just an additional information

    Honda's Maintenance:

    Every 10,000km or every 6 months

    Other brands:

    every 5,000 km or every 3 months

    "Buying a car is for you to be hussle free."

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    Jun 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by lochrisg888 View Post
    Good day everyone!

    just an additional information

    Honda's Maintenance:

    Every 10,000km or every 6 months

    Other brands:

    every 5,000 km or every 3 months

    "Buying a car is for you to be hussle free."

    Madalas ko mabasa lagi "mahal ang regular PMS". every 10KM or other brand every 5KM. Eh kung tiwala ka sa brand ng sasakyan mo na built for quality then why mag PMS pa sa kasa, mahal ang langis at labor charge nila. Dalhin mo na lang sa service station for regular change oil or better DIY kung kaya mo. malaki ang matitipid talagga. Yan lang naman ang ginagawa sa routine maintenance. Yang warranty coverage minsan di mo rin mapakinabangan kasi hahanap ng butas ang kasa para lang makaiwas ng replacement parts. May kasamahan sa club ni minsan di nakatikim casa PMS ang sasakyan nya except noong 1st 1000KM dahil free. Minsan naranasan ko medyo sabit ang door lock so nireklamo ko sa Honda Alabang. Sabi ng SA "sir walang available parts schedule na lang natin next PMS kasi di naman na-compromise ang safety ng sasakyan". So ok, nice, next time na lang. Pagbalik ulit ayaw na palitan, "Sir di na pwede, lagpas na kasi warranty coverage nyo".... bwisit

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    Mar 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by peejabi View Post
    Hi, we're planning to buy the all-new 1.5 Honda Jazz soon. Had a discussion with a relative awhile ago and she was convincing us to get a different car. Didn't have second thoughts naman kasi decided na kami ng wife ko. Hehe.

    I know wala pa malamang makakapag-bigay ng first-hand experience on the new Honda Jazz, pero based on the reviews in the net, how does the new Jazz compare with the current model Vios and Yaris?

    Engine, Fuel-Consumption?
    Maintenance? (around how much ba yung regular maintenance costs for the 3 cars?)

    I was in a similar situation as you earlier this year. Choosing between these cars (Jazz, Yaris, Vios and Fiesta). I eventually ended up with the 1.5 Jazz and did not regret at all even i had to wait 5 months due to the Post-Earthquake supply problem Honda faced. so let me share my opinions:

    Engine, Fuel-Consumption? This is very relative. a 1.5 jazz n 1.5 vios/yaris would probably consume more or less the same. I'll give you an idea how much FC my 1.5 JAzz is. On long trips on highways. I can get 10-13Km/L easy. However for city traffic (stop go stop go) and add in idle situations like parking or stoplights, I get between 6 - 7Km/ L
    Interior? Forget the yaris. Vios 1.5G has a nicer interior compared to a Jazz if u ask me. but i dont like the central odometer. not my thing.
    Exterior? Hands down 1.5V Jazz. You know why? The bodykit the current 1.5 Jazz has is the same bodykit on the RS Version in Japan. This was a great move by Honda. Research in youtube. you'd want one i'm sure. Just too ***y
    Safety? I'd place them all the same. since all have airbags, abs etc.
    Spaciousness? this goes to Jazz as well. fold the rear seats, it can swallow 3 balikbayan boxes, none of the competition can do this. Yaris, Vios , Fiesta, Mazda2 or Accent. For me, if I can have the option to carry a lot of things why not take it right? you neverr know when a balikbayan will arrive or such. This was one of the things that sealed the deal for me.
    Features? Same. they all have usb etc. for features Fiesta wins due to the voice control n bluetooth.
    Maintenance? (around how much ba yung regular maintenance costs for the 3 cars?) If casa ka lang relatively the same. but if sa labas na mas mura i-maintain ung Toyota.

    Another advantage of the Jazz aside from the Space, is the high resale value, and not being common. Vios are everywhere (testament to their reliability) but you lack uniqueness and exclusivity. As for the Yaris its an old model, a new model might be released next year. I've seen pictures and it looks good, very promising.

    Another down side for the Jazz is there might be a long line for the 1.5 model especially now that the thai plant is under water. Might take a few months for your ride to arrive. Just coordinate with your dealer and ask for a no B.S. estimate on the arrival date.

    Lastly, Don't just rely on what people say. Test Drive all your options before you buy. Good luck!

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    Mar 2011

    Just something to maybe convince you to get the jazz

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All-New Honda Jazz vs. Toyota Yaris vs. Toyota Vios