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    May 2011
    Hey Guys, My Dad is planning to buy a VAN/SUV which can fit at least 7 persons.
    Budget is 4.5m+. Any good advice? Only cars available in the philippines with CASA.
    Also with the best fuel economy.

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    Aug 2004
    4.5 is too low for the German seven-seaters. All you'll get from Germany is the small crossovers like the X3 and the Q5. The XC90 might fit in that range, but I'm not sure if it has seven seats.

    The Expedition and Suburban also fit. The Suburban is soft and comfortable in the classic American style, and plastics and interiors are much better than the rattly old car. Don't expect anything in terms of fuel economy from either... 4s if you're lucky. Less if not.

    In the same price range are the Prado and Landcruiser. Big diesels... should be economical on the highway, but don't expect them to get better than 5-6 km/l in traffic... (yeah, yeah... diesel... but a big diesel means big fuel bills in traffic).

    The Alphard and Sienna are within that range. Good interior space and luxury. Big V6 engines, so don't expect better than 5 km/l in traffic.

    The new Explorer is a seven seater. Wonderful car. Lots of legroom, dual sun-roofs. Just about half of what you're willing to spend... and the appointments are as good as vehicles costing a million bucks more. Gasoline V6, about the same size as the Alphard.

    The CX9 is an oldie but goodie. European refinement like the Explorer, bigger V6, more torque, worse economy. 4.5 in traffic.

    The Veracruz is almost as a loaded as the Explorer, with softer leather, but it's not as refined and feels slightly wooly and soft.


    Everything else is a step down... but consider also the Pajero. It's not as refined as its classmates (CX9, Explorer), but it's a good vehicle with a big, economical diesel.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Mar 2009
    If you're okay with Japanese, the Alphard or the Previa would do good. Those two does not cost anywhere near your allotted budget. Much lesser. Also, the LC200 comes to mind. Wonderful car. Superb power and you can really feel the solidness inside. The local units suck, though. If possible, get the Dubai versions, I believe they are a bit more expensive, but should be worth it since it's feature-packed.

    However, if you're getting tired of Japanese vehicles for some reason. There are the Americans. Expedition, Explorer comes to mind, alongside with the undeniably large E-150. Also, the biggie Chevrolets. The Suburban and Tahoe.

    But then, being big and all you should not really expect all of them to be economical. Being a fuel-thirsty car is already a given for cars like those. So you should really prepare a huge amount of money just to be spent on gas and maintenance alone.

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    Jun 2008
    You can't expect to make an issue on fuel consumption when you can afford that much cost of a brand new vehicle.

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    Oct 2002
    I'd go with either an Alphard (V6), Hyundai Grand Starex and Chrysler T&C (diesel) or the LC200. On the American SUVs, there's the Exped and Suburban.

    Lots of choices really. Just take a look and test drive yourself to decide.

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    Oct 2007
    If your dad can afford 4.5M vehicle fuel consumption is not a big issue to him I guess, with that money you may choose between volvo xc90 2.5 5 cylinder and toyota LC200 4.5 8 cylinder both are diesel fed and seat 7, or you may also check out Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class 3.0 6 cylinder gas and grand cherokee 5.7, 8 cylinders gas but they seat only 5, with suburban or expe i think they're so big unless if he likes big cars, with 5.3 and 5.4 engine respectively they seat 8, both 8 cylinder and drink gas a lot

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    Mar 2009

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    Mar 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by david_anthony View Post
    You can't expect to make an issue on fuel consumption when you can afford that much cost of a brand new vehicle.
    But then, people buy a 2M worth Prius. It's economical. They're after efficiency, and yet, it's 2M. They too have money. :/

    Wala lang.

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    May 2006
    Get a Ford..4M for a van or'll survive the gas prices.

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    Apr 2008
    Kung van, suggest ko Grand Starex Limousine (KDM version from the grey market for more features), or the Alphard 3.5V6. The Starex seats 10 though, while the Alphard only seats 7. For SUV naman, LC200 Dubai version or Suburban.

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