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    Thanks for the info. We did consider the cx5, but based on reviews it is smaller compared to the crv or Sorento. As for the forester, we expect to use the car in the city and think that the awd will be used very rarely and might not be worth the overhead in fuel economy.
    An officemate told me that their Forester 2.0L NA is doing well in terms of fuel consumption. They were surprised that it was giving them about 9 km/L city driving. The new CVT on the Subarus has done a great job of increasing fuel efficiency. AWD is active all the time and Subaru's AWD system is intelligent enough to distribute the proper traction and power each wheel needs whatever the terrain it is traversing.

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    Honda crv seems uninspiring for me. If I had to choose between the two, I'd go with sorrento. I just bought a new CUV recently and these two were also in my list. I would have picked CRV last on my list. Sorrento would be a little bit bigger than CRV. I did pick CX-5 but it might be smaller than what you need.

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    If space is a lower priority, I'd go with a CX5. The space difference between the CRV and CX5 is not too significant. The CX5 has more value and has yojin3. People also overlook the safety features (6 airbags to 2) which I think should be on top of everyone's list (especially if you are buying a car over a million). I suggest a test drive with the whole family to really gauge space. The skyactiv will also be more efficient.

    If space is a priority, the Sorrento is the better choice.

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