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    Mar 2009
    The Sportage looks better in pictures. Well yeah, we haven't seen the actual ones, yet.

    The Tucson iX, before it was released here in the RP, looked so good in pictures but when it reached our shores, it was somewhat dull looking compared to the " pictures " that was shown.

    Why ? Maybe, for it to be just priced competitively. But atleast it has beaten the current sportage in terms of price, and in terms of its looks. And heck it looked better than the old tucson [SIZE=1]( sorry for the old tuc. owners. )[/SIZE]

    Lets wait ... that picture might be not as the same as what is going to be released here.

    That's just me though. :twocents:

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    Dec 2006
    The Tucson looks damn gorgeous as it is, and is leagues more appealing than the one it replaces. And the pricing is just great. It's not only a choice of the heart, its a logical choice as well.

    The Sportage on the other hand, looks really great as well. However it's almost certain that the Sportage will be overpriced with the same spec level as the Tucson but around 150-200k more expensive. That alone is enough to make me consider the Tucson more.

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    Dec 2009
    parang quiz lang yan eh...
    Want a macho built? Sportage! A girly curvy design? Tucson
    On a budget? Tucson! Can push budget a bit more? Sportage!

    semi-OT na:

    Don't like Korean SUV? get a CX7?
    Not into the omg new design? CRV/RAV4!
    Want a hands down SUV? Forester :D

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    Oct 2008
    for short, you guys are comparing
    Macho Utility Vehicle
    ***y Utility Vehicle
    britney song din kaya gamitin ng kia sa sportage na yan? sana womanizer naman or gimme more AHAHAHAHA! bumenta kasi yung if you seek amy sa akin :lol:

    pero now seriously speaking, i doubt that that sportage will be competitive when it arrives here. i know specs niyan ngayon ang ganda pakinggan sa tenga pero yun nga ba ang dadalhin ng kia ph dito? once na dumating yan, yung presyo niyan parang papatay ng tao (not literal)

    ang naaalala ko rin kasing spec ng ix before kasi was 'it could be' coming along with its R engines pero iba dumating right? (i'm not blaming them or accusing them since dito ko lang nababasa mga ideas na yan and it was still a big help for me) and ang layo na ng price niya noon sa ngayon.
    expect ko overpriced to...

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    Feb 2008

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    Sep 2008
    You guys haven't seen any sportage yet? I did, and it was nice, the same with the tucson. Correct me if I'm wrong if the sportage is not yet released here in the Phils. but I think it was really the sportage I saw when I was going to waltermart santa rosa the road from enchanted kingdom.

    Back to topic, my classmate has the new tucson and it is very nice, but i really like the tail lights and the headlights of the sportage it looks very elegant.

    Well, that's for me.

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    Feb 2008
    Well the new Sportage is deceptively similar looking to the new Sorento. Its possible Sorento nakita mo (already released) and not the smaller Sportage!

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    Jul 2008
    Looks? I go with the Sportage.

    Other areas like performance, driving mechanics, gooddies---no clue.

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    Sep 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by tidus1203 View Post
    Well the new Sportage is deceptively similar looking to the new Sorento. Its possible Sorento nakita mo (already released) and not the smaller Sportage!
    Ay oo nga noh! halos parehas sila ng itsura, hmmm siguro nga.. hehe, sorry mga sir and thank you po sa correction^^

    The sportage look a little bit clone of a q7... haha! kaya mas maganda din siya para sa akin. ^^

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    Jul 2008
    i like the sportage better...

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