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    Aug 2006

    Please provide info/feedback on a 99-00 Toyota Corolla XL manual transmission. Re maintenance, performance and value.

    Thank you.

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    Oct 2002
    Pretty straightforward to repair as it's mechanically like the 1990-1998 Corolla AE92 and AE101. Things to look at specifically: get a compression test as the well worn or abused 1300 engine has a tendency to get loose compression (weak piston rings).

    Suspension is okay and easily repairable... interior is cramped though. On performance, it's not as fast as the 1300 Sentra engine since this is an SOHC 12 valver but the fuel consumption can be good as long as the engine is properly tuned.

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    Nov 2002
    maintenance - no problem. super dami at mura ng replacement parts. at kahit sinong mekaniko kayang magservice nito lalo na since it still uses a carburetor.

    performance - slow if you're used to higher displacement cars. but ask or watch taxi drivers make racecars out of them hehe. suspension aimed for comfort, not slalom racing. interior space is very small compared to others in its class. daig pa ata sya ng city.

    value - in terms of resale, it can hold it's value better than any brand in its class. but amenities wise or 'bang for the buck value', wala. no power steering, no power windows, steel rims only - basic car. anyway, this is the base model corolla. you may get the highest end 1.6L of other brands (see nissan or mazda) for the same price, if not cheaper, in exchange for the brand image (see maintenance comment). reliability, for me, is practically the same among all jap brands.

    so if you want a basic car with low maintenance cost, ok to.
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    Aug 2006
    thanks for the input!

    no power steering? I thought power steering was standard already.... it's just a plan that I have should we decide to get a driver... no way he's going to mess up my cars.....I'd prefer that he drives a car that's suitable for him.... a Corolla XL seems perfect...

    any more thoughts would be welcome

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    Oct 2003
    Just don't get a white one. baka parahin ka sa daan.

1999-2000 Corolla XL manual