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    Nov 2002
    I'll take the Silverado anytime.

    kc..mga pinoy lang naman ang umaangal sa mga Big Gas-Guzzlers na yan eh..para sa mga kano 16 mpg is a big number.

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    Dec 2003
    for the benefit of us non-english measurement guys 16 mpg is how many km/liter again? sorry! :whoa:

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    Oct 2002
    Americans dont mind the 16 mpg, add to the fact na wala namang masyadong traffic sa US, at mataas ang standard of living nila duon

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    Dec 2003
    16 mpg is is 6.79 liters per km [1mpg is 0.42lpkm].
    and no, people here in the US don't mind the price of gas much. in fact americans felt the crunch when even in TX where gas is usually lower than the rest of the nation, 1 gallon of regular gas (87 octane) reached $2.05. but did the sale of gas guzzlers (V8 trucks and SUVs) go down? NOPE. trucks and truck-derivatives (vans, SUVs) outsell cars here to 53% to 47% (or somewhere close to that).
    1 gallon is 3.79 liters BTW.The US is the only country in the world that uses the english system.fahrenheit,anyone?

    dami pala buy ng trucks sa US talaga.mga gas guzzlers
    yeah, in addition to the top 3, here's the rest of the pics of trucks/truck-derivatives that made it to the top 20: explorer caravan

    12.chevy trailblazer escape

    17.GMC sierra grand cherokee

    and there's the econoline and tahoe

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    Dec 2003
    here's the rest of the topsellers in the US through june 2004 (HINT:MORE TRUCKS/SUVs) ranger 86,668 liberty 86,319 sienna 86,302 tacoma 85,774

    25.pontiac grand am 83,935

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    Dec 2003
    #16 expedition 77,484 odyssey 76,084 mustang 73,333 town and country 71,314

    30.pontiac grand prix 70,890 durango 70,304

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    Jan 2004
    if you make 16mpg, that's something like 6.8km per liter. Of course, city driving in the US is still much faster than Metro Manila driving. ;) You'll probably get 4 km/l.

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    Oct 2002
    eh kung sa pinas ang pag-uusapan? ano ang top 5 na pinakamabiling sasakyan?

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    Oct 2002
    malamang mga AUVs yung top sellers dito.

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    Jun 2004
    for me still the SUVs with diesel engine, like the Local Pajero ang Trooper or the Nissan Patrol, You know naman traffic sa Pinas and the road we have here, kahit newly constructed huhukayin parin, try mo humataw sa EDSA w/ a car, im sure nasa CASA ka tmrw. And knowing the big 3 na evey month may announcement na tataas presyo ng gasolina. So dami 4 sale na American SUVs at ang re-sale value super down na down. So mga pinoy kahit questionable ang road worthiness ng mga Subic SUVs at kahit amoy talyer ang interior buy pa rin masabi lang na naka SUV sila.

    Sa mga poor man naman they buy the high end AUVs

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