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    Nov 2005
    Buying a cheap but in very good condition car, like if you have a total of 250k budget, buy a 150k worth of car, then use the 100k to fix what is needed to fix and then accessorize it. Its like when you see those cars, who got a very nice nice nice as in nice paints, then few accessories like sound set up, skirts, chins, lights, etc. and you will be like "WTF?,'92/'93/'94/'95.....etc model pa yan????" Angas. Im talking about those fully accessorize cars but still also have a very very good and well maintained engine.
    fully accessorized? parang nag shopping spree sa Concorde and Blade?

    you'll end up with a ricey car

    old and stock is better than old and fully accessorized

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    Oct 2002
    Go with a old and stock but well kept car. Accessories (kits, lights, etc.) won't do much really save for the tried and tested practice of having a quiet engine, a good paint job, and some simple mods like different style but OEM 15" rims, EUDM version upgrades, etc.

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    May 2010
    OLD and STOCK with 17" Wheels and a 1.5-2.0" drop with a really shiny paint and clean interior and upholstery.

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    Nov 2011

    honda civic VTi 96/97/98 =?
    Honda civic LXI 96/97/98 =?

    that would be my choices for "OLD and STOCK". agree about the choices?

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    Nov 2011

    ayosdito . ph ID= 2440279

    good deal mga sir???

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    Nov 2011
    Or this one,
    SULIT ID : 4168469
    SULIT ID : 4177596

    please help me choose between this both ^^^ ((((

    taking this to consideration, I have a 250k budget on hand. The first car is still negotiable, I can afford it but I will be super sagad.

    The second car is also slightly nego. Whice is which? helppppppppppp. I can afford both, but I wanna know what's worth it.

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    Nov 2011
    or this one

    SULIT ID : 4458927

    help me choose mga sir sa lahat ng yan, I can afford any po, I just wanna know what's worth it. Sorry po sa multiple posts. sorry

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    Jan 2008
    i suggest get a stock car rather than those ricey.. mukhang naka ilang palit na ng paint yan... kung baga eh laspag na...

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    May 2010
    Kung bibili ako ng second hand na car, I would steer away from those modified ones. Super laspag na makina, super stressed na suspension, etc. Besides, mas marami pang unwanted problems with these vehicles

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    May 2006
    Tsaka mas ok kung ikaw ang nag porma, nakakahiya yan pag nakita ng dating owner or ng mga barkada niya yung basura nila binili mo na inaangas mo..parang yuck...At least pag stock, tapos inayos mo ng maayos ha, hindi jolog na ayos, pag nakasalubong mo masasabi niyang uy hindi ko na kotse yan, ang galing ng bagong owner..

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A very very very good debate topic