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    Jun 2004
    Hi sirs. i'm new here, actually i'm using a 90 model galant. but i'm a family man now and we were thinking of buying an AUV (revo) or SUV. my budget is 350K. what would you suggest for a SUV? prefer ko sana yung 4 x 4 na instead of an AUV.

    is nissan terano ok? please enlighten me or give suggestions...

    thanks :confused:

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    Sep 2003
    nissan terrano is okay, my father used it for 4 years and no major complaint.

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    Oct 2002
    Yup the Terrano is pretty good for the price, if you dont mind the thirsty engine

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    Oct 2002
    exterior look of terrano is very experience regarding the performance though.

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    Jun 2004
    Thanks guys. How about the diesel one? ok ba performance nito? no problem ba sa mga parts?

    Another thing, comparing terano with toyota surf (5 door) what can you say?

    Thanks again.

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    Mar 2004
    the only problem that i see with the terano and the surf is that they can only seat 5 passengers. unlike the auv where u have another row of seats. how about a series 1 pajero? or a series 1 patrol. yung cuzin ko kasi bumili ng pick up 1 pa lang anak nya, ngayon di na sila magkasya kasi may yaya pa na kasama

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    Dec 2003
    We have a terrano. I have local gas one, my papa has a jdm (Japan Domestic Market) turbo diesel.

    Plus are:
    - it looks ok externally. Especially if you setup the look.
    - interior is ok. We got a terrano since I ride my kid and wife at the back seats. Back seat has very good leg room.
    - engines are primitive and low tech, pretty much any mechanic can fix it. You can even DIY it.
    - ride is better than most SUV or AUV. Its very car like. If you put an adjustable shocks like what a JDM terrano comes with its great. I put Racho RS9000 5 way adjustable, the ride is very good.

    - gas engine will just give you 5km/l. So if its going to be your daily driver be prepared. Turbo diesel is about 8km/l plus its more powerful than the gas engine.
    - Its a 5 seater SUV, rear entry and exit of passengers like all SUV is harder than most AUV or cars. Malaki ang wheel well.
    - local terrano brakes are weaker than the average car. Its not unsafe, you just have to get used to it. JDM brakes are really strong. Its likely that my Papa's terrano has rear disk brakes, local terrano has drums. I replaced the orig nissan front brake pads with QFM brake pads, there is an improvement. I heard others put Safari brake masters, I wont do that I am satisfied with the current brakes.

    I would suggest to stay away from converted Terrano or Surf unless you are good technically. Actually ako even I am knowledable in cars I opted for a local Terrano, just to be safe.

    The perfect Terrano would have been an imported true left hand drive with Turbo Diesel and rear disk brakes. Pero I guess mahirap or wala ganoon sa atin. So if you are looking for a nice looking ride, will not use it as a daily driver, rides like a car, will do minor offroad trails... a Terrano will be a good choice. Surf ganoon rin, if you can find a 4runner that is a true left hand drive. Its hard to find people selling their local diesel Terrano, most that are being sold are in poor shape already. You have good chance to get a local gas Terrano in good shape since most are not daily driven.

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    Oct 2002
    If you get an AUV like the Revo/Adventure, try to get a diesel version over the gas (thirsty!).

    At 350K, the Terrano would be the most affodable and relatively new SUV but do expect repairs here and there still.

    How about a Space Wagon?

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    Jun 2004
    Thanks ulit. Space wagon? the clearance is the same with cars. i want sana na mataas na para pwede sa baha. one more, we used to travel laoag at least 3 times a year. so i need a lot of space for our luggage.

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    Oct 2002
    Bakero Boy, gumatang ka lat ti brandnew (bili ka na lang ng brand new).... may promo ang Toyota ngayon for their Revo. 100T DP then monthly depende kung ilang years mo babayaran.

    Ok di baro ta gamitem pang-awid to Laoag............... hay siak ngata itunno ak makaawid Pasuquin.........

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Suggestion pls on what to buy?