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    Nov 2011
    Im a 20 yr old boy. I have a saving of 210k. Im planning to buy a honda civic VTI 96/97 model. Then im planning to set it up in the long run. Is it a good idea? I chose civic because it fits my character and I find it cool for my age. What are your advice? Should I pursue looking for a civic or do you have other cars in mind that will look good more than a vti set up?

    PS my budget for buying a car is only up to 210K. And maybe up to 50 k for setup. please do help me. I need tons of ideas.

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    Jul 2011
    IMO... go buy the civic...
    dont set it up... save the money for a brand new car once you get a job..
    once you get a job getting a car loan is easy...
    that 50k would already pay for 2-3 months of that loan...

    getting your civic would cost extra for its maintenance cost and gas... you should consider that it still cost money to run and preserve... dont expect the unit to be that good because it already has a history...
    ask your local mechanic on what needs repairing on your car before jumping to set ups...

    incase you do get that set up...
    dont open your window while driving
    dont put your elbows on the window
    dont put your speakers too loud...
    it annoys people....
    XD wag kang tutulad sa ogag sa thread dito na naka fake na evo... mapopost din pic mo dito hekhek...

    civic is a very good choice

    kudos on your first car... XD

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    Apr 2008
    Definitely agree on the above post. So this means you have a total budget of 260k. Right? I'd suggest you lay off the modding and use most if not all of that money and get a unit that has lesser mileage and in better condition, most preferably yung post facelift 99-2000 model. That one looks timeless! Its not good to mod the hell out of a car, it takes its toll on the engine. Best to keep it stock, or kung magmomod talaga, yung simpleng bolt-on mods lang.

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    Feb 2008
    It's a bad idea to rush things especially if you're going to spend your "whole life's worth of savings"

    Civis is a good choice. The posts above are right, use the extra money you have for setup to buy a newer model car with lower mileage. Again, do not rush. Do your homework para di ka magsisi in the end. There are several threads here that provides tips in buying a second hand car. Take time to read those threads.

    Good luck.

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    Jul 2004
    when buying 2nd hand cars, allot 20% of your budget for repairs

    pag 2nd hand, no matter how much the owner will tell you "no repairs needed", may repairs yan

    so this means that your budget is effectively P168T

    no sense modding a car if it can't run or can't run well

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by 111prez View Post
    when buying 2nd hand cars, allot 20% of your budget for repairs

    pag 2nd hand, no matter how much the owner will tell you "no repairs needed", may repairs yan

    so this means that your budget is effectively P168T

    no sense modding a car if it can't run or can't run well
    I agree here.

    My dad and i used to work on second hand vehicles before when i was still in college and there's no such thing as a "buy and drive" deal when you talk of cars well over 3 years old. If you're spending your life savings just to get that car, don't buy it yet. Wait until you have a steady flow of income first as you might end up with a money pit that may end up looking like those ill-maintained ricers you see on the road. The hard part with that scenario is won't get to save as your incoming funds will constantly be going to repairs and gasoline expenses.

    A rushed decision is also usually never a good decision so take your time and wait.

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    Aug 2004
    Do you work yet?

    210k, plus 50k, maybe, is not a lot of money.

    You're looking at buying a 97 VTi. That's a fourteen year old car.

    210k for the car.

    If you're lucky, just 2-3k for an oil change and that's it.

    If the car is typical for a 97...

    5k for repainting... make it 10k to repair rust, as all 96-97 Civics rust at the roof. If the car was just repainted, wait six months and you'll see a line of rust bubbles forming at the back of the roof.

    10-15k suspension repairs.

    20k, tires. If you buy cheap chinese tires that grip like ice skates and stop like the Titanic, say sayonara. I once had a 96 Civic buried in the rear bumper of my Crosswind because his brakes and tires sucked.

    10k, eventually, for brakes.

    5k, replace all cooling hoses. 10k, eventually, radiator.

    Fargle the AC. That's expensive. You don't need it, anyway.

    And that's just the necessary stuff. That doesn't include incidentals like alternators, thermostats, water pumps, dashboard fuses, lights, etcetera.

    Oh, and add 5k registration, maybe 10k insurance.

    That's a minimum of 275k.

    Then... are you going to use the car? Where? Going to school/work every day (except your coding day)? How far? 5kms? 10kms?

    Doesn't matter... if you're only driving 5kms, you're still using a liter of gas... so every month, 4 times a week, say four weeks (which is less than a month), you use two liters a day, eight liters a week (excluding weekends, 32 liters a month. That's another 1.6k pesos. If it's an automatic, make it 2k pesos. Hell, make it 2k pesos, anyway.

    So, by the end of one year, if your trips are short and infrequent, you're spending 299k pesos on the car. If you're unlucky, and you have to drive much further in traffic, make it 324k-350k or so.

    That's for a typical VTi. If you're unlucky, tag another 25-50k on it for engine or transmission rebuilding.

    You'd be lucky. I used to do 40,000 kms a year, spending about 200,000 pesos on gas alone! When I think of the money I've spent to put 110k kms on the Lynx, 210k kms on the Crosswind and 80k kms on the CR-V and the condos that could have bought...


    Advice: Save your money. If you need the car, save your money for necessary expenses. If you don't need the car, don't buy it. Save up for a business, or for a house, or for something that won't lose 20,000 to 50,000 pesos in value every year.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    May 2011
    All the advices and suggestions of the posters above are spot on.

    My advice: It's your money, so it's your decision. As long as you're happy suportahan daka :D

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    Nov 2010
    Buy a Motorcycle a lang muna!

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    Nov 2011
    thank you very much sirs, not to boast and just honestly speaking, Im a pilot student, so my father spends a fortune for my studies, and which we are not that rich. So basically I dont asks money from him with this kind of purchases. I got my saving because im an aspiring model, I sometimes have an income of 5k-30k a week, I live at home so no extra payments for me, Ill be able to save that whole. But of course the income is not that stable, sometimes ill just have 5k for a week, and sometimes almost 40k a week. it differs. I want a car because that's my line of work. "yabangan", "fitting in", "being social fit". Because after for example a photoshoot or fashion show, all my co models will go home by their car, then I'll have to get a taxi, It crushes my ego for in the cat walk, we're all at the same level but after the show, they seems superior just because they have a car, regardless of how badly it looks. hehehe

    so I was thinking, should I just get a cheaper brand of car, e.g. TOYOTA corolla? and have it look a bit more "makisig" with the help of some cheap sound set up, cheap skirts and chins and other modes? any other advice sirs?

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Please please help. This is a very rush deal. Worth my whole life of saving> :(