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    Feb 2003
    actually it's a toss-off between the odyssey and the trooper for me. i'll got there one of these days to check out the units

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    Mar 2005
    may trooper din, magkano naman?

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    Sep 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by wrecker
    actually it's a toss-off between the odyssey and the trooper for me. i'll got there one of these days to check out the units
    Kelen mo nga pala gustong pumunta? Gusto ko din sanang tumingin eh! hehehe! Kahit tingin lang!

    Pero IMHO, between the Odyssey and Trooper, sa Trooper na lang ako. 4x4 capability (pang-baha at lubak sa EDSA) and diesel powered (mas tipid).

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    Jun 2005
    there's nothing wrong with RHD to LHD conversion, nasa gumagawa yun. in spite of the myths about this conversion issue, ang masasabi ko lang, being an owner of a converted pajero, masaya ako at satisfied. sa laki ba naman ng difference ng presyo, sino ang hindi masisiyahan. i am just realistic. kailangan lang dalhin mo sa magaling na mekaniko after taking it from subic. or magsama ka ng magaling sa pagbili. in the end you'll find yourself completely satisfied. pag naka-tiyempo ka ng talagang maayos, panalo ka bro!!!!

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    Feb 2005
    I'm an owner of a converted 3dr pajero. I'm very satisfied with it. However, there was alot of things I did fix but it was part of the package of buying a cheap car. In the end, its very good. You just have to check the conversion though just to be safe. ^_^

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    Jun 2005

    Magkano ba presyo nung pajero 3 door nila? Am also looking for kaha lang ng pajero 3 door na subic. More or less magkano kaya? Gusto ko mag experiment sa pagpalit ng engine kung affordable din naman.

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    Oct 2005
    ang mga pajero sa subic ok,, pero tingnan nyo yung conversion kc may nagtip sakin na yung pitman arm daw pinuputol then minamasilyahan ng makapal para di halata welding... just be sure na good conversion ang makuha nyo...

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    Jun 2005
    yes jakalox, you're absoutely right. ingat lang sa pagbili. and concentrate on the critical conversion items. have them fixed right away with the right mechanic and voila, got a fine rig, all set to rock and roll.......

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    Jan 2005
    IMHO, the most critical item that u have to ensure is done properly is the steering unit coz once u r on the road peoples lives depend on it. any breakdown or malfunction can put you in real trouble. other items like wirings,a/c & dash board modified or renewed during the conversion process are secondary. All of these can be corrected or made functional at a fraction of the price difference between a 2nd hand local & subic paj. get a competent mechanic and u only have to do it once. i can assure u that u will be one of the growing numbers of satisfied subic pajero owners..good luck..

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    Apr 2005
    a friend at LTO said that the new trancient point is not anymore Subic but Cagayan. They just when there two week ago to check and register new shipment of RHD ride. They will be back end of Nov. for another shipment being downloaded in Cagayan, kaya baha na naman ng 2nd hand ride. doon na rin yata ginagawa ang conversion to LHD.

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