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    Sep 2005
    A friend just told me that when he went to Subic a few months ago he saw a lotta imported cars and SUV's selling for such a low price. He also said that he saw units of the new body Pajero and the new Prado going for less than half the price at the casa. I informed my father about it and he was very intrested to see for himself but the problem is that my friend didn't inform me which specific spot in Subic he saw those vehicles pero sabi ng mga kasama ko eh kalat-kalat silang lahat sa Subic. The only technicality are 2 things, 1)baka RHD sila at 2)no papers and vehicles. My dad is looking for the new Pajero and Prado there. Have any of you guyz seen those such units in Subic? How much did it cost? Is it worth it to buy there? My father isn't worried about the parts coz he frequents out of the country and he's an engineer kaya the past 8 vehicles we had kami ang nagma-maintain pag natapos na yung warranty period. Can anyone share some info kung totoo yung sinabi ng friend kong yun or was he just leading me into a wild goose chase?!

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    Jul 2005
    Cire totoo un. mura talaga un mga SUV dyn sa Subic. Pro mga converted mga yun (RHD kc). about sa papers wala nmn yata problem. have you seen it sa tv last week? bka di magtagal ay magtaasan n din price ng mga SUV dahil mahihirapan na cla magpasok ng mga sasakyan bcoz of tax. i've heard na yun ibang stock eh iniipit na din ng mga may ari dahil nga mahirap na magparating ng SUV from abroad. kaya baka by this time, konti na lang ang mapagpipilian nyo if ever.

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    Sep 2005
    thanks for the valuable info. I think I'd better go there before the end of this month at the most!

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    pero, not all are RHDs or converted.. may mga original LHDs din, pero bibihira.. ung mga galing ng china, most euro cars that are from japan..

    and another tip: if you want to save money and be sure of the convertion done, buy ka sa mga direct importers dun...not sa mga agents..although ok din sa agents bumili, pero, siyempre, may patong na sila sa unit, diba? kung dun ka na din kukuha, i advise na last mong tignan mga unit sa auctionhouses....kasi most of the units there ay ung mga di napili ng mga sellers...

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    Oct 2002
    The last time I checked, the GEN III Pajero was Php 2M. I don't know what the prices are today.

    I'm not too fond of converting very late model vehicles unless you have a way to check if all the electronic stuff are still working post conversion (ABS, TCS, EBD, airbags, electronic suspension etc). A lot of these things have their ECU's under the dash and have to be relocated during conversion.
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    Oct 2002
    kita ko sa mla bulletin. gen 3 pajero, fully converted na daw selling at 1.5m. grabe masmura pa sa fieldmaster ng casa. gen 3 na yun ha.

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    Feb 2003
    how about the odysseys that they sell there, any feedback?

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    Mar 2005
    gen3 pajero for 1.5M. brand new ba ito?

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    Oct 2004
    for 1.5m? ill just go for the unit na nirerelease ng mitsu ! mas safer pa ...

    2nd hadn ata yan lahat e ! tsaka iba parin orig na LHD sa converted khit na gaano pa kaganda pagkaconvert

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    Sep 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by wrecker
    how about the odysseys that they sell there, any feedback?
    Trip ko din yung Odyssey pero sabi ng best friend ko sobrang mahal ng parts (Honda kse eh) and mejo mahal bentahan. Mag Pajero ka na lang, konti lang difference sa price. Last time I checked sa Odyssey, mga 300-400k yata yun, if I remember it right.

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Planning to buy an SUV in Subic.