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    [SIZE=4]oo tama pre-dated invoices ang kelangan, tell mo igawan ka ng marami,yung per week![/SIZE]

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaza.altis View Post
    thanks for those who replied. were leaning on the reliable brands like toyota and honda. I guess their discount is more or less fixed. Baka lang po kasi if december they are more eager to sell bec of year-end quota. If jan naman im thinking dahil kakaunti yun gusto bumili bka more freebies. next year kasi toyota predicted a zero growth bec the us crisis will hit us by 2009.
    do you mind if I ask what made you say that Toyota and Honda are reliable brands? I guess instead of "reliable", it would be more appropriate to say "popular" brands (but it's just my opinion).

    I suggest that you should browse the Car Talk section of this Forum. These topics would be of great help in choosing, or should I say avoiding, problematic vehicles. It will save you some cash, and from headaches as well. And you will be amazed that there are a number of brand new Toyotas that are experiencing problems.

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    Feb 2008
    ^^Ganun talaga sa Pilipinas dude, Toyota and Honda are the brands that are PERCEIVED RELIABLE. Key word being perceived.

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    Nov 2008
    buying a 2008 model in january 2009 will still be registered as 2008 model. freebies during december usually extends up to february of the next especially with the current eco crisis we are facing right now. hop from one dealership to another or better yet call them for an appointment to achieve best results. AND DON'T forget to haggle for freebies and accessories. good luck!

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    Ganito nalang mas maganda at one of a kind pa! Its a V8 enought to beat any car in your area.

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    Nov 2008
    I confirmed with an SA yesterday at the Motorshow at the Fort that they could indeed register your car next year if you want.

    About picking and choosing your dealers, pano kung Subaru, isa lang ang dealer?

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    Holiday Greetings, Tsikoteers,

    I would also like to seek some advice on buying a new car. i'm planning to get a new toyota. The latest quotation i got was very bland, almost no freebies. what are the best perks i can expect to get while i hop from dealer to dealer? Can i expect purely mga gamit sa auto like tints, mud guards, etc., or 10k discounts? or are there any existing perks that involve waived extra fees like LTO reg, Chattel and Insurance? Mas mabibigat sila kasi, i could do away with the car props naman eh.

    would appreciate any advise, or better yet, any referrals based on personal experience.

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