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    May 2005
    Unless the SA will give big discounts and lots of freebies, why not?

    Besides, you always have the vehicle registered as a 2009 model.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by bhossed View Post
    choose a category first, decide which do you really want/s? then proceed to subcategories. that way you can have a real choice.
    honga, fix your mind first on what category would you prefer. halo-halo yung choices mo eh.

    finalize something using the following criteria:

    a. Size
    b. Budget
    c. Maintenance
    d. Fuel Consumption
    e. Parts
    f. Resale

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    Apr 2005
    Honda Civic or Hyundai Santa Fe.

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    Sep 2008
    Mag Fuzion ka kase 3 magkaka ibang sasakyan pinagsama sama ayon sa commercial hehehehe...nagtataka lang kung saan napunta ang ibang gulong nung mag merge ang tatlong sasakyan

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    Sep 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by tidus1203 View Post
    ^^Yep ganun ginawa namin sa Santa Fe namin. This November lang namin binili pero binilin namin sa agent sa 2009 na iparehistro. The thinking is to make the car supposedly 1 year newer para pag ibebenta na mas may leverage sa negotiations. Of course the LTO might find this illegal but secret na ninyo ng agent at ng dealer yan.

    I know that there are some dealers who issue several copies of the car invoice as a workaround so that you can use your car pending release of the plates from LTO.

    Can you just tell your dealer to issue you 2 months worth of pre-dated invoices para walang huli? I know its illegal and all but what heck! sayang naman 2 months na di ginagamit yong tsikot.

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    Sep 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by Gerbo View Post
    Not necessarily if you are buying brand new.

    Usually during the last 3 months (4th quarter) of the year dealerships provide more freebies, promos, and discounts. And banks also have their "auto madness" which offer lower interest rates.

    Anyway if there are no facelifts, upgrades and introduction of a newer generation, its still the same model. The one you buy next January is probably manufactured 4-5 months earlier of the previous year.

    And yes, the year you bought one is significant only in instances you re-sell the car.
    Interesting to note that Honda is increasing their car prizes by Php 25,000 effective December 1, 2008. December 2008 might yet be the time to get a Honda if this is the case. Pero it might be another story if they release the new City in December. That car is surely a looker!

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    Mar 2008
    CIVIC na....ako after several months of checking....civic na...

    you may visit this site...the peeps are very helpful

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    Feb 2008
    ^^He still has not given his reason for buying a car? Of course the Civic is IMO the best in its class but it won't go off-road and its not going to be as versatile as an SUV for example and it can seat only 5 people so if you want to seat more then its inadequate.

    Lets put this by category na lang siguro. For me these are my choices:

    Compact: Honda Civic
    Sub-compact: Honda Jazz
    SUV/CUV: Hyundai Santa Fe (diesel)
    AUV: Toyota Innova (VVT-i, D4-D sucks)

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    Feb 2008
    Worst time to buy a car IMO is during the initial release of a popular car especially kung mahaba yung pila. Halos walang freebies and discounts. They also charge high interest rates if you opt for financing, if cash buyer ka naman you will be discriminated in favor of finance buyers since mas malaki kita nila sa interest and all these other expenses and they would rather alocate their cars first to the people they can squeeze more money on.

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    Feb 2008
    ^^Actually yes I do have a months worth of invoices. Sa 2nd week of December magpapaissue na naman ako sa dealer. Pero maskin na, I still avoid using the car as much as possible kasi may mga iba talagang traffic officers parang laser ang mga mata Hassle pa.

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