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    Nov 2008
    If one is thinking of purchasing a new car at this time (last quarter of the year), is it better to put it off until the new year? Sabi kasi nila, you purchase a car in December, it's still a 2008 model. You purchase a car in January, it's a 2009 model.

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    Oct 2003
    True. This specially applies to resale value. When you buy a 2nd hand car it mostly depends on the year. +/-20-30k on the condition.

    Pero usually best deals are given at the end of the year like honda right now.

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    Jul 2008
    Not necessarily if you are buying brand new.

    Usually during the last 3 months (4th quarter) of the year dealerships provide more freebies, promos, and discounts. And banks also have their "auto madness" which offer lower interest rates.

    Anyway if there are no facelifts, upgrades and introduction of a newer generation, its still the same model. The one you buy next January is probably manufactured 4-5 months earlier of the previous year.

    And yes, the year you bought one is significant only in instances you re-sell the car.

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    Jan 2007
    Baka kaya mas mura din ang presyo pag december at mas mahal naman pag January ... para patas lang sa re-sale.

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    Jan 2008
    hi guys we've been planning to buy a car in the near future ,when do you think is the best time to buy a brand new car, this dec year end or early january?Im thinking of in terms of freebies and discount?


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    Sep 2008
    Anytime is the best time..I mean if you really wanted a car, then go for it, anyway on going naman lagi ang mga promos ng mga car dealers dito sa atin except honda and toyota (if you're buying a necessity car)..

    all year mazda has all in promo, same with nissan and others...while honda and toyota sometimes they throw away the comprehensive insurance for free..

    got my mazda 3 last sept 4. all in promo with 65k downpayment and 16k monthly...
    but if you're eyeing for a honda and toyota they require higher cash out..

    but if you're buying a car in cash...dito ka makakakuha ng magandan deal...

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    Oct 2002
    anytime is a good time to buy a car, especially if you are really looking forward in owning that special car.

    for me, nov/dec is a better time to buy a new unit, atleast the CR would state the next year already(assuming you asked your SA about it). atleast making your car a later model by 1 year.

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    Feb 2008
    ^^Yes ganun din ginawa namin sa Santa Fe namin. This November namin binili but we requested them to register the vehicle for 2009. The only downside is until 2009 you have no plates, no OR/CR to show. So you gotta drive carefully or better yet avoid using the car as much as possible.

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    Aug 2005
    IMHO, the best time to buy is pag buyers market. Konti lang ang bumibili kasi ayaw bitawan ang pera.

    Pag buyers market kasi, daming promos at freebies. Pag sellers market kasi, konti lang.

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    Oct 2007
    Best time to buy would be 2~3 years after the lauch of a model.

    If I remember correctly, just a few months back Chevrolet was offering 100K in discounts for the optra and I think 70K for the Captiva.

    Same with Honda, just recently they were offering generous discounts and easy terms for the civic, CRV, etc.

    That is...............of course, if you can wait.

    But then again, it also depends on the manufacturers. My Nissan SA keeps on texting me on all the new freebies, first for the Livina. And now the Navarra.

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