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  1. Join Date
    Aug 2004
    A diesel Focus for moi and an AT Jazz for the missus

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    Jun 2006
    H.y.u.n.d.a.i.G.e.n.e.s.i.s.C.o.u.p.e - hindi ko na hihintayin ang bukas

    add: indent order nga pala ito.
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    Mar 2005
    sta fe 4x4, upgrade to FMIC at Devils Own + rims

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    Apr 2007
    BMW 3 Series

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    Sep 2007
    hyundai genesis 2.0, yung may sports package lang at 1 2nd hand na... eg!

  6. Join Date
    Jul 2008
    A compact SUV (i.e. Escape/Tucson) and a subcompact sedan (Jazz/Yaris) for now.

    Pero kung isa lang a 7-seater 4x4 SUV na (toss up between MS or Everest). Don't really like the soft roaders/crossovers.
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    May 2005
    The new facelifted 2009 Previa or Mazda CX-9. But both would be over the budget! :D

    2009 Accord V6 - within the budget.

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    Oct 2008
    A Fort (G) & a vios (G)

  9. Join Date
    Apr 2006
    2 options for me..

    1st option
    Accord 3.5 S-V with VCM ..

    2nd option
    Lancer GT-A , the remaining money would be spent for DUB's & A/V entertainment system for my SUV's :2thumbsup:

  10. Join Date
    Oct 2008
    an impreza 2.0R then yung excess eh to be used for changing it's appearance. bodykits almost same sa wrc just like what's on my sig then pimping it. or pwede rin pa order ako 1.5R then same process hahaha

    hmm.. 2M?

    option 3: isang yaris/jazz for me, isang yaris/jazz/swift for my sis, isang avanza for my mom and dad

    option 4: isang impreza 2.0R for me, isang vios J for my sis, isang avanza J for my mom and dad -nako sumobra ng onti haha

    im not that madamot, i still pray that one day i could give them their own rides. yung tipong practical yet safe unlike the chery qq and the likes. basta wag masyado small na car bec. we all need utility not just a ride in times of need yet practical (exclude the impreza :D )
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If you are given 2M today to buy a ride, what would you buy tomorrow?