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    Mar 2010
    Sir I need 2 cars because my mom will have work, I study in the katipunan area, my sister studies in taft, and I have 3 younger siblings also studying in the katipunan area.

    Pregio - Too big for my mom, we used to have one and she didn't drive it well.

    Starex - Not really sure on the size? how is it? will a poor driver like my mom be able to park it?

    Avanza - One of my choices as well, but it's a bit expensive

    anyway, my budget could go up since I could possibly sell property or could go down if I opt not to sell and sell my current cars at rush prices, since my mom is coming home soon.

    Guys what do you think of Carens + Subcompact if my budget does go up?

    thanks very much for the help!

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    Mar 2009
    ^ Carens is nice, but too expensive. Why not ....

    Grand Livina ( 800k+ ) & a Kia Rio ( 695k )

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