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    Dec 2009
    Hi guys! I might be getting a car around Feb or March next year. I only wish that it's easy to drive (and park!) and it has to be A/T. Mostly for city driving though from time to time NLEX/SCTEX when I go home to the province.

    Since I'm getting it under my company's car plan, technically eh cash transaction 'to with the dealer so I'm expecting some discount. My budget is around 750k once net of the cash discount na.

    I'm looking at Ford Fiesta, Mazda 2, Honda City, or maybe even Lancer GLS/GSX (basta not the EX). Which one is the easiest to drive (for novice driver) and maintain?

    Some concerns:
    1. Fiesta & 2, hindi ba sila mukhang toys? hehe. And pahirapan ba 'to sa parts?
    2. Ung City naman ok sana but I feel over-priced cia? And honestly mukha ciang Transformer / Autobot. hehe.
    3. Lancer, old body pero mukhang ok pa naman ito pag na-dress up?


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    Jul 2010
    Sub compact car, go for the Fiesta...Good for a lady driver like you...

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    May 2005
    I'd recommend

    Jazz 1.5 - Php 842,000
    Jazz 1.3 - Php 782,000
    City 1.3S - Php 771,000

    If you really cannot do anything about the budget:

    Vios 1.3E A/T - Php 720,000 - (I believe you can still get Php 20K-30K off this price).


    RE: Ford Fiesta

    Despite what the fanboys (those who keep on pushing it on the other threads) say, this is not worth getting bec. it is too cramped (in terms of cargo, passenger space,etc) when compared to the competition. Want to be like Ken Block, requiring a car that handles like its on rails (again, in comparison to the competition) ? Then get the Fiesta. Everything else go for the competition, esp. the Jazz.

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    Feb 2008
    Vios ako kung new driver... Para di nakakahinayang kung nabanga hehehe

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    Jul 2010
    sobra naman.... mag-2nd hand owner na lang kaya si sis.... jk.

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    Feb 2008
    Well its going to be a lot easier to repair just in case... Frankly every new driver will get into an accident sure yun... Bumps here, bumps there... Its just natural, I started with an old car myself...

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    Mar 2009
    2nd hand automatic vios e or 2nd hand jazz.

    Kung ayaw mo ng 2nd hand, vios e nalang din na brand new.

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    Aug 2010
    Honda's are great cars, but they are overpriced and have fallen from innovation and design.

    I would look at the Fiesta, Mazda 2, and new Accent, probably my top three choices.

    If you really wanted Japanese reliability then a Vios is good enough.

    I'm reposting again sir niky's excellent summary of the current subcompacts.

    Originally Posted by niky

    1. The Toyota Vios 1.3 E AT is a decent car if all you're looking for is point A to point B driving, and the 1.3 and 4-speed AT get the job done, if nothing else. Otherwise... at 720k, the same price as the Mazda2 sedan, you're getting a crummier interior, much less trunk space (much, much less... and no rear seat pass-through, to boot), worse dynamics, a flintier ride and cheap seats. It has about 10 millimeters more knee room in the back seats, a big deal if you wear knee pads, I suppose.

    2. The Mazda2R hatchback is a wonderful car. Kind of bare for the price compared to the Fiesta, but about the only car in the class even remotely close to the Hondas in terms of interior quality. Decently roomy and much fun to drive (hell, much more fun than some sports cars). If there is a Mazda2 1.5 Sedan with an AT, that would be great. Most responsive to drive of the group with the best transmission.

    3. The Honda City... best room, best materials, seats only so-so in terms of comfort. But expensive. Quite. The 1.3 is absolutely gutless when matched with the 5-speed AT, so I suppose you're asking about the 1.5. The 1.5 with the 5-speed is perfect for most uses and not much worse in terms of economy... the 1.3 is overworked by the long gears and heavy body and returns fuel economy similar to 1.5s.

    4. The Lancer GLS is old. You won't quite get the same knee room or headroom as the newer subcompacts, but it'll have them beat on elbow room when sitting people three across.


    The Fiesta Trend PS Sedan comes in at under 800k. The transmission is quirky, but it's got lots of power, fuel economy is similar to the 1.5 ATs (apparently, from reading the Fiesta threads... and, come on guys... the only 1.5 ATs in this class that were any good were the Honda CVTs, and those are gone. Finis. Kaput.), handling is better than the Jazz or even the Mazda2 (though the Mazda2 has better steering) and it's the most loaded. Trunk space is a very close second to the Honda City and interior space is actually slightly better than the Vios. Also mimics Honda's 10,000 km service interval, with cheaper servicing costs, supposedly.

    Only big deal for the Fiesta, for me, is the interior plastics. A big letdown... but still better than the 1.3 Vios.


    Oh... last word. These new small cars with automatics really aren't that fuel efficient in traffic. So you may think you're saving gas by going for a 1.3 AT, but you're just setting yourself up for frustration. Might as well stump up for a 1.5 AT if you really need a slushbox. Otherwise, stick to a manual transmission.

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    Dec 2009
    Actually, iniisip ko din na 2nd hand car - so as not to bear the cost of first year depreciation! Haha! I just don't know where to get a good one that's 3yrs old max.

    I revisited the Vios sites kanina but nope, it really isn't working for me. Must be due to the million cab rides I've had, feeling ko lagi sa Vios taxi. No offense po sa mga may Vios, may stigma lang po talaga.

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    Jul 2010
    oo nga sis, kuha ka muna ng maganda pang segunda manong sasakyan....kapag talagang bihasa ka na, then saka ka kumuha ng talagang bonggang bonggang sasakyan, maski Sta fe,Sorento o Fortuner pa yan...yakang yaka!!!

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