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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by leinahtan
    Maybe, but who knows? It might work.
    This is a hoax that has been going around the internet for ages.

    This will not work simply because the local distributor / retailers of fuels here do not have full control of the prices of fuel. OPEC also does not fully control the prices of the fuel. Heck, they are the ones who are trying to stabilize the price by pumping in more output.

    Petron last year only had a net profit of P1B. In contrast, PLDT posted a net profit of P28B. I guess you should also call to boycott PLDT then and just use Bayantel?

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    Dec 2003

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by vicoyski
    Bring in the Hybrids kasi! Malakas kasi mag-lobby yang Big 3 para harangin ang entry ng hybrid vehicles eh.

    Mas mura ang cost ng re-charging with electricity, 'coz power rates have a blended cost - different power plants running on different fuels (with different costs) to produce energy.

    I read somewhere in the newspapers na pinag-iisipan na daw ng isang car automaker to bring in their hybrid cars here... there's only one catch. the battery that runs the car lasts for 1 1/2 yrs lang daw and the battery costs around P100-150K. so whatever you save on fuel... better put it in the bank to buy fresh batteries later

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    Dec 2003
    1-1/2 years! under warranty pa yan! hehe

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    Sep 2003
    sa petron ako lagi pa-gas dahil meron ako 2% rebate sa bpi-petron mastercard hehe.. so ala ako choice and sayang discount, every 3 days pa naman ako parati full tank..

    ang solution talaga sa crisis eh maging mura na ang production ng mga hybrid cars..

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    Jun 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by zidane21
    he he, mag-kalesa na lang po tayo ulit mga sirs!! tapos pormahan natin mga alaga nating kabayo!! pag-suotin natin ng mga sneakers yung kabayo para pormado ang hooves nila! tapos i-dress-up din natin yung karwahe ->alloy rims!! :bwahaha:
    Magandang idea yan ah Problema ko lang kung saan ako bibili ng rims na 30"-35" sa diameter

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    May 2005
    If you want to boycott big oil co. you should excempt Caltex coz Caltex is now closing lots of thier outlets coz oil business here in the phil is really not worth it now a days. Caltex already close their refinery.
    Shell Phillipines loss billions of pesos just last year buti pang petron may 1B na income pero tingin pure publicity coz Aramco want to sell out their shares early next year.So guys i hate to say this but worst yet to come.

    If you want BIG DISCOUNT apply Shell Citibank 4% rebate walang sinabi 2% ng petron he he he he... Habang may Buhay May pag-asa

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    Oct 2002
    1B lang ba income ng petron?

    if im not mistaken, theyre on track for net of 4 billion this year

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    Feb 2003
    The concept is true but it would have to be on a worldscale scenario and not only on the local level. We are basically a totally reactive and follower of the world market pricing wla tayo magagawa dyan. IMHO the culprit for all of these skyrocketing prices is not the OPEC alone nor INDIA and CHINA's growth. It is those Bastard Oil trader that keeps on speculating the oil prices. Though OPEC is now benefitting from these booming prices they had these fear that it could backfire on their cartel. At these time they are literally pushing for the whole world to adopt and invent new technologies that could replace OIL, they surely doesn't want to have that scenario. kya nga members of OPEC are trying their best to pumpout more to stabilize the Oil prices. Sana nga mafast track na ang alternative fuel...ewan ko lang mangyari sa mga ARABS...that's only what they got..but at the end of the day the only benefitted are those speculators ..

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    Oct 2002
    read that sa email last year pa... futile attempt nga yan hahaha

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