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    Mar 2009
    ^ Well with Kia`s appraisals its still pretty surprising that even they " buy : your car at a very high price they still give discounts and freebies - in example, Kia gave a very good offer for my AE101 Corolla plus they already gave the Insurance with AOG , LTO reg. for free and again plus 60k discount if the vehicle is bought in cash. That`s what the sales agent has told me .

    With 5 in a family, like us ... yes our AE101 is pretty good enough. Brought it already in some provinces like pampanga and pangasinan without having a problem + the luggages too. There are some instances though that someone should consider, if for example a relative wants to hop - in or join with you in your family trip ... which is pretty common. So, if you're already 5 in a family + the " unwanted " hoppers :hysterical: then that could be a problem.

    So us, if our relatives would hop - in with us in our trip then the van of one of my relatives too will be used.

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    Feb 2008
    Speaking of the Carens its the only car where my Santa Fe is having trouble beating in straight acceleration and sheer speed. Fortuners, Montero Sports, Everest, maskin mga Strada and Ranger pa etc kayang kaya ng Santa Fe pero gulat na gulat ako sa Carens mabilis talaga at ang lakas ng hatak...

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    Mar 2009
    ^ CRDi eh.

    It`s most probably like this ..

    CRDI > DiD > D4D

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    Jun 2006
    where does ford duratorq stand? CRDI din yun di ba?

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