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    Quote Originally Posted by wezz_zzew View Post
    Nagpalagay ako ng Deadening sa Banawe, inabot ng 1k (trunk door). After magawa, tinesting namin, ayun, may rattle pa din sa may trunk pag bumabayo. I decided to buy na lang nung Deadening Material and I was able to find one supplier. Mr. Ted Tamayo (, bumili ako sa kanya ng 8 sheets for only Php1,480 ++ tip, then bumili ako ng Heat Gun (Php 1,999.00 Black & Decker) tapos ako na lang gumawa sa auto ko. Tinanggal ko ung iba dun sa una ko pinalagay kasi nilagyan ko hanggang loob nung trunk door. Nilagyan ko din pati ung mga sidings. Nung tinesting ko, ang ganda ng improvement, damang dama mo ung bass. pati sa harap ng auto, ang ganda ng tunog. 3 1/2 na sheet lang nagamit ko as of this moment, next weekend, lalagyan ko naman ung mga door panel and pag mejo sinipag, pati ung ceiling and flooring.

    Suggest ko lang sa iba na gusto maglagay ng deadening, bumili na lang kayo ng material and equipment tapos kayo na lang ang gumawa, at least pag may mga kailangan baguhin, madali mo maaayos kc hindi mo na kailangan bumalik sa shop (addt'l gas, labor cost and time). Madali lang naman mag-install, pwede mo din i-search sa youtube kung paano.

    ^_^ SPOILED
    yung 8 sheets for P1,480 eh yun ba yung black sound deadener w/o aluminum sheet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jhnkvn View Post
    The most apparent use of road deadening sheets is to reduce the amount of road noise. And as noise is typically in the bass region of 200hz, quieting that down gives the user "uy, nice bass!". A very good analogy for this is the seal of earphones. Have you ever tried your typical Apple earbuds versus those that are IEMs? You will notice that everything's "fuller" once you have a good seal on your ears and this draws you to enjoy your music more. There are actually three types of deadeners: CLDs, MLVs, and CCFs. We're most familiar with MLVs or mass loaded vinyls (usually, shop installers know them as "butyl sheets") because it's the most inexpensive alternative to lead that blocks sound. Aside from blocking the sound via its mass/density it also lowers a panel's resonant frequency. As for the others, CCFs are closed cell foams and is used as a decoupler and CLD sheets on the other hand are used to lessen the vibration around the cabin. Visualize a thin sheet of metal and you hit it... it'll go "tinnggggg", what the CLD does is lessen the decay of the sound so you hear the "ting" for just one second versus three. As a less expensive alternative, you can create your DIY CLD sheets by buying a MLV sheet and cutting it into small pieces then pasting it all over the car. Will it help? That depends. As different cars adapt differently to deadening. The advantages of deadening a Merc versus a Kia Pride is huge as an example. However, if you are going to deaden, go for the doors first then the flooring as these two contribute the best bang-per-buck in vehicle (floor) and sound (doors usually). All I can tell you is that two things: 1. I've never seen a professional car audio event contestant without deadeners. 2. I've never seen a noisy car win car audio events. This is the reason why walang nananalo na Isuzu Crosswind
    Bringing this thread back to life. Can you recommend a store that can do this for my subaru legacy wagon? I'm not into sound set ups but I really just want a quiet car. I think the road noise enters my cabin too much. Thanks!

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    wrong post
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    guys, i need to remove deadener on one side door. what's the easiest way to do this? what tools are needed?

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    Heatgun. Yung isa kong sedan tadtad ng deadener.

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    Hi mga guros, asked ko lang po if possible na ma lessen ung noise from outside if lagyan ko ng deadened ung 4 doors of and what brand po ng deadener for my monti
    Thanks in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonteroGLSV View Post
    Hi mga guros, asked ko lang po if possible na ma lessen ung noise from outside if lagyan ko ng deadened ung 4 doors of and what brand po ng deadener for my monti
    Thanks in advance
    Well... yes, you'll lessen your noise but this isn't their primary duty. So throwing deadening just for "road noise" blocking isn't really cost-efficient (it's better to buy yourself a new and more silent vehicle instead).

    But if you do plan on deadening on the basis of sound reduction, go for the floor, firewall, and wheel wells.

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    Pag nagpa-deadening po ba kailangan "double walling" to achieve the best result? Pag ganun it will consume at least 4 sheets per door.
    Me nakita kasi ako, yung nilagyan ng deadener eh yung outer wall lang ng pinto.
    Me pics kasi dito sa thread, ang me deadening is yung side na me mga wirings.
    Ano po ang tama?

    Sent from my iPod

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    mga paps, may nakasubok na ba ng butyl based na Car Builders-Sound Deadener from Aus? may fs sa KAC 10 sheets for 2k. comparable kaya sa mga stp, dynamat and other dampening sheets. TIA

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