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    Mar 2016
    halos lahat po ng automatic ganun na di ba?
    Pero mas safe po ba siya kesa sa manual na susian?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wildthing View Post
    ... Ang di ko mafigure out ay ang "kill" switch....o yung "stop" botton on the same start switch???
    The start/stop push-button switch serves as input to the car's computer, not as connect/disconnet switch. Starting and stopping the engine is essentially software-controlled.

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    Jun 2016
    Quote Originally Posted by renski View Post
    meron ako nakita sa isang car, push button start. nakalagay sa may side. color red na circle tpos may nakalagay na start sa gitna. san kya meron nito? :roll: how much? thanks!
    yung button ba gaya na sa videoke.

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push button start......