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    Nov 2002
    anung fishing?haha.. slow kao pare... may static ba?.. pa ayos mo naaa!!

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    Oct 2002
    maganda din setup mo bro!

    wala kasing oras eh. sabay sikip din sked nila rocky sa mach2audio...

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    Nov 2002
    ahh.. gets gets.. pucha nahilo ako sa kakaisip anu meaning nun.hehe.. gusto ko na ng lc8- para lipat na lahat.hehehehe

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    Oct 2002
    I'm using the stock Pioneer HU. Amplifier ko is Alpine V12 from KCboy. Sealed box gawa ni GlennSter out of MDF with a 10" Targa sub. Targa Seps up front.

    Ok naman.
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    Oct 2002
    Ano pajero mo? Gen1, Gen2, Gen2.5???

    For the Gen 2.5, you have door mounted speakers as well as dash mounted.

    What i did was add a Kicker 6.5" midbass and 1" tweeter (set) on the doors. the tweets are on the inner side of the side mirrors.

    for the stock dash tweeters, i replaced them with a pioneer 2 way 3.75" or 3.5" speakers (forgot which size) for more "boses".

    The separates are powered by a pioneer amp while the dash speakers are powered directly by the 8650 HU. The rear 6 by 9s are also powered by the HU.

    For my subs, i have an old school Kicker PT9 powered 8" sub.

    It doesnt eat much space at all ang gives adequate bass (adequate for an old guy like me).

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    Feb 2004
    i have a pajero gen 2 and will probably go with a set of 3 way separates. ung 6.5 na midbass in the doors, the 4 inch separates sa dash (kaysa ba?) and yung tweeters sa sail panels or sa taas ng dash sa corners ng windsheild.

    in the rear doors, i might put some 6.5 inch coaxials, if there is space and in the back, maybe a single 10 inch na ported na detachable in case i need to carry larger loads.

    i still have my old amps from my previous setups, so speakers lang ang bibilhin ko. pero wala pa ring budget, so puro plano pa lang.


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    Sep 2003
    ok ...... can u guys recommend installer/pro car audio shop?

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    Oct 2002
    check out this thread krom

    KAC Directory of Shops!


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    Nov 2002
    dame pwede gumawa niyan na magaling..

    db audio
    mach2 audio..


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    Jan 2004
    sir, patanong din...Gen 2 din yun akin. Im currently out of the country, balak ko sana bumili ng seps...kaso, i have no idea ano size bibilhin ko...ang alam ko, 4" yun speakers sa dash...kung bumili ako ng 5.25" or 6.5" san ko ilalagay yun? bubutasin ko ba ang door sidings? ... ano brand maganda bilhin...siguro less than US$200 di na ako papatayin ng asawa ko....

    Please help...thanks!!!

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pajero audio set up ??????