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    Oct 2003
    ito ang issue ng rear view camera sa oto ko. the moment i put on the reverse gear the video is inverted, the infrared is off and the distance guide does not appear on the screen. but when i move the gear to drive, neutral or park tapos ibalik ko sa reverse ulit everything is RIGHT and CORRECT. i hate having to move the gear twice to reverse just to view the non-inverted cam screen.

    my generic lcd has this rotation screen function but it is by default set to normal. di kaya rin sa lcd screen to?

    pero bakit di gumagana ang infrared and ayaw makita ang distance guide sa camera. so i'm assume that this is a camera fault. fyi, the rear view camera is tapped on the reverse light so everytime i go on reverse the camera is ON.


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    Oct 2002
    Is there an option to disable the "rotation screen function"?

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    Oct 2003
    i don't think there is. but it is by default set to normal view. nagtataka lang ako bakit di gumagana ang infrared at di mag appear ang distance guide sa screen on the 1st reverse

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    Jan 2009
    Sounds like a defective camera. That is if the inverted video and the superimposed distance bars are being done by the camera before reaching the LCD monitor.

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    Dec 2010
    i just got my reverse camera pero ang lumalabas ay left is right and right is left. how can i make right is to right? lightning lab yung HU ko. tapos tv doesnt have audio. help please?

Inverted Camera View while on Reverse