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    Aug 2004
    Look for "Top of the Pops" 2003 at any music store in malls all over manila. It has 2 CD. The 2nd CD has bass (SPL) music all the way for almost 1 hour at 20 titles. the 1st CD is just pop music for SQ at 20 titles. Both cost P1,500.00. My friend has (made?) several copies for giveaways to friends.

    Happy listening!!!

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    Oct 2002
    SACD quality ba?

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    Mar 2003
    Originally posted by Ungas
    SACD quality ba?
    ano yung SACD?


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    Jan 2003
    can you write the titles para ma download na lang sa kazaa hehehehe. pirated

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    Oct 2002
    SACD = Super Audio CD, ito yung katapat ng DVD-Audio.

    i doubt kung SACD na yan. hindi pa naman yata SACD capable mga HU ngayon.

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    Oct 2002

    Who makes the Super Audio CD and player?
    Sony and Philips Electronics are responsible for the creation of the Super Audio CD. Several manufacturers, including Sony, Philips, Marantz, Accuphase, Denon, Kenwood, Aiwa, and Sharp are manufacturing SACD players.

    When can I buy an SACD player?
    Super Audio CD was launched in early September 1999. SACD players are now available for purchase in the United States and around the world.

    Where can I buy SACD titles?
    SACD titles can be found at traditional retail outlets. SACDs from Sony Music can also be purchased at

    What is the technology behind SACD?
    The sound of SACD comes directly from Direct Stream Digital (DSD) recording technology. DSD's simplified mechanism for recording and playback results in a frequency response of over 100kHz and a dynamic range over 120dB across the audible frequency range. DSD increases the resolution of music by more closely following the original wave form of the music, which results in music reproduction that is remarkably pure and faithful to the original. For additional information concerning the technology behind SACD, visit Sony Electronics SACD.

    What are the benefits of SACD?
    In addition to exceptional sound quality through the DSD system, the SACD format can accommodate more than four times the information of the current CD format. With this extra capacity, a standard Super Audio CD will provide space for 2-channel stereo data, as well as an area for up to 6-track multi-channel data, storage capacity for text and images, disc variations, copyright protection and much more.

    Will my current CD collection play on an SACD player?
    Yes. Super Audio CD players can play back all current CDs.

    Can I play a Super Audio CD on my current CD player?
    Only Hybrid SACDs - i.e., those containing a CD layer - can be played on CD compatible players.

    What is SACD Multi-channel?
    SACD multi-channel sound can contain as many as six separate channels, each captured on disc at the full DSD bit rate with the full DSD sound quality. Some producers will use the added channels to faithfully reproduce the precise acoustic signature of the performance space. Others will realize new creative possibilities, immersing the listener in a 360 field of sound. Multi-channel SACD takes its place beside stereo SACD as another compelling way to enjoy music.

    What is a Hybrid Super Audio CD (Hybrid SACD)?
    A Hybrid SACD contains two separate layers. One layer carries the normal CD information and the other layer contains the high density SACD information - a multichannel mix and/or stereo mix. A Hybrid SACD can be played on any CD compatible player. However, if played on a standard CD player, only the CD layer will play. The SACD layer can only be played on a SACD player.

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    Mar 2003
    SACD = Super Audio CD, ito yung katapat ng DVD-Audio.
    Gleng, gleng naman ni boss boybi..

    kung SACD..ang mahal siguro niyan?
    Last edited by hens; August 18th, 2004 at 10:05 PM.

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    Nov 2002
    ser raiders,
    maybe we could copy din ;) hehehe..

    pwede pahiram?

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    Oct 2002
    wala naman mahal mahal sayo a

    naku, lagot, meron na naman pagkakaabalahan si hens :bwahaha:
    gawin mo ng SACD yang HU mo sa MB para maging 6-channel na ang audio! ;)

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    Aug 2004
    Hindi ko alam kung maganda lang ang HU kasi pioneer 9650 series pero kakaiba siya.

    SAC or no SAC, eto ang title.....

    1.TATU - All The Things She Said
    2.Jeanette - It's Over Now
    3.Wolfsheim - Kein Zurueck
    4.Nena - Leuchtturm
    5.Samajona - Sag es
    6.Daniel Lopes - Shine On
    7.Bro'sis - Never Stop
    8.Paddy Kelly - Pray, Pray, Pray
    9.ASD - Sneak Preview
    10.Jennifer Love Hewitt - Can I Go Now
    11.Busted - Year 3000
    12.Sugababes - Stronger
    13.Mariah Carey - Through The Rain
    14.No Angels - All Cried Out
    15.Wonderwall - Witchcraft
    16.Vanessa Carlton - 1000 Miles
    17.Meat Loaf - Why Did I Say That
    18.Guano Apes - You can't Stop Me
    19.Scycs - Music
    20.Helge Schneider - Moehrchenlied
    1.Kate Ryan - Desenchantee
    2.In-Grid - Tu Es Foutu
    3.Sylver - Livin' My Life
    4.Scooter - Weekend
    5.Snap - Rhythm Is A Dancer
    6.Panjabi MC - Mundian To Bach Ke
    7.Wackside - Lost In Music
    8.Kid Q - This Feeling
    9.Master Blaster - Hypnotic Tango
    10.Sophie Ellis Bextor - Music Gets The Best Of Me
    11.Moloko - Familiar Feeling
    12.Ja Rule feat. Bobby Brown - Thug' Lovin'
    13.Ashanti - Happy
    14.Aaliyah - Miss You
    15.Vanessa Amorosi - True To Yourself
    16.Sweetbox - Here On My Own
    17.Mr. President - Love, *** And Sunshine
    18.Hermes House Band - Those Were The Days
    19.Massive Toene - Traumreise
    20.Beatbetrieb - Woran Glaubst Du

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