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    Agree on that Theveed... But Regarding the subject of bigmen, as they say you can't teach height, When you tall and have some athletic ability and skill you get paid buttomline (e.g. Jim McIlvaine, Adonal Foyle, Calvin Booth, Greg Ostertag, the list goes on and on). It pays to be big in the NBA.

    Yao Ming was successfull in the NBA because he exceeded expectations and performed on the court and was a media favorite with his quotes and same cannot be said about wang. I remember Charles Barkley making a bet with Kenny Smith that Yao will not score over 20 pts in his rookie season, he lost and ended up kissing a donkey's ass. His next contract will be the maximum.

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    True true... I still find it funny watching NBA with Chinese cigarette ads in the background hehe.

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Yao Ming's BMW (pics)