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    Oct 2002
    Hindi ako masyado atat sa horsepower. Mas gusto ko yung luxurious saka yung medyo mabigat ang arrive (looks like a million bucks).

    Yung W126 namin dito, 120bhp lang. S-Class Mercedes na yun. Just imagine how heavy it is.
    Yung Pajero, 99bhp lang. Pero kahit 10 years old na pogi pa din. Nakarating pa din ako ng UST kahit hanggang bewang na ang tubig.
    Need an Ambulance? We sell Zic Brand Oils and Lubricants. Please PM me.

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    Oct 2002
    316i is available as a hatchback in most countries :D pang economy engine talaga. well although mahina nga yung engine for its well insulated heavy body doing 8-9km/L is pretty decent.

    Yep yung interior nya bumibigay recently. common problems yung headliner bumabagsak, yung cover ng glovebox natatanggal yung adhesive. i read in some forums probably it has something to do with the adhesives and the rubbers they use that are biodegradeable over time

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    Dec 2005
    Come to think of it, the reason why i bought the 316 is because it's the only manual tranny one in the lineup, and also, the 320 cost 100k more.

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    Oct 2004
    we also have a 316i and masasabi ko lang na for everyday driving ok naman siya ! ours also hasnt had any major problems .. tsaka very reliable ! sarap itakbo ! only reklamo k is the cramped interior pero besides that ok siya ! matipid rin it gives us 8km/l .... tama si theveed price of maintenance and service hindi naman talga ganun ka mahal e .... you just have to know kung san ka kukuha ng parts etc .. its a pretty old car kaya parts arent that expensive na ....

    same reason ... we got the 316i coz the 320i is really expensive ... hindi lang 100k yung diff medyo almost 500k we bought ours for 1.6m ata tpos 2.1m yung 320i parng ganun

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    Oct 2002
    The 320i started at around 1.8M back in the 90's...

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    Sep 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Supierreman View Post
    316i is available as a hatchback in most countries :D
    They call it the Compact. Compact variants were the only E36 316's that came with a bigger engine (1.9li)


    Wala bang naliligaw sa Pilipinas na E36 318i? Halos pareho mpg sa 316, yung 2dr halos pareho ng power sa 320i.

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    Oct 2006
    mabagal pero ok build quality. point a to b in style. basta know your level huwag mayabang. daming mayabang can't afford naman ng brand new na BMW. kung umasta kala mo kung sino.

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    Aug 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by StraightSix View Post
    Wala bang naliligaw sa Pilipinas na E36 318i? Halos pareho mpg sa 316, yung 2dr halos pareho ng power sa 320i.
    i see one unit rolling around in baguio. afaik it is grey market.

    for a diesel guy like me, the 316 is snappy enough. one thing that really pleased me about that car is its fuel economy. it's peso per kilometer running cost on ilocos highways was even lower than my former frontier 4x4.

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    Dec 2003
    gray units of bimmers are mostly ok since no conversion is needed, orig lhd. in some cases some gray units are very well taken care of from their originating country.

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    Jun 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by Moi128 View Post
    hello just wondering, why the resale value of BMW316i is not that high...does anybody out there want to share their knowledge about this im talking about model 97 below......thnks.
    it is assembled here in the philippines by columbian motors it has a local content and it is built along side with the kia pride and mazda's 323...

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