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    Oct 2002
    Sir theveed,

    Can you recommend any prof. detailer? I'd prefer within QC area. Can't Ziebart do the detailing before applying the paint protection?

    I've read about Meguiars, ok ba sila for detailing? Saan sila located...maraming salamat po!


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    Oct 2002
    Meguiar's Kamias is one of the best out there (well, since most of the guys who run/own the place knows a lot about detailing)... That's one shop I don't mind recommending. Ziebart does detailing as well, but the 2x that I've seen them detail, they pretty much suck.

    Meg Kamias is located in Kamias (of course), there's a full contact info in our Detailing Forum under TOOL SECTION.

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    Nov 2002
    Share ko lng experience ko sa DG baka maka-help... I've used for year and kaka re-apply lng ulit mga 2 months ago... had it on a brand altis... Good thing about this product is laging makintab kahit may putik na car mo, wax is not needed anymore except kung umabot na ng mga 9 months coz parang effect ung coating...
    By the way... ung 6,500 yata sa umpisa lng un... na next time na mag-pareapply ka is libre yata or half the prize... d ko lng kabisado perodepende yata sa pinag-usapan nyo coz i got the reapplication for half the prize... :lol: Hope this helps...

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by jackndabox29
    Good thing about this product is laging makintab kahit may putik na car mo, wax is not needed anymore except kung umabot na ng mga 9 months coz parang effect ung coating...
    Sorry to say, but this is a marketing ploy of protectants and even waxes... This is just not true. No synthetic or natural waxes or sealants can honestly provide good protection in our weather and conditions over 3 months or so without any maintenance. One reason why paint protection companies tell you to only wash with water is because they know that any solvent (shampoos) will speed up the wear on the sealant.

    If you apply a cheap sealant like Simoniz (P250) and layer about 8-10 coats over your paint, it will last you at least 2-3 months without reapplying and it will still sheet/bead water very well and retain its glossiness... That's just the nature of cross-linking sealants...

    For a casual user, gloss is very subjective, what's glossy for person A maybe dull for person B... I've seen a DG treated car first hand (my friend had a civic with DG) and no doubt, it is very glossy. Typical Klasse/Zaino like shink-wrap effect gloss... but I can clearly see that a lot of contaminants and scratches have already formed on the protective layer and some parts don't sheet/bead water as well as the rest (noticeably the hood, roof and trunk)... A clear sign of deterioration...

    My point is... Do your math before you shop... For 6K a year, you can have your car detailed 3x or more with better results. You can even go less than that if you invest in a premium sealant like Klasse and Zaino (which will set you back around P5K a set shipping included) and the products you've bought will last you at least 2-3 years if you use it right.

    Paint protection sealants are for "drive and forget" car owners... It's not a bad thing, but again, it's a tradeoff between quality versus convenience. It's not monumentally better than premium car care products, just less maintenance.

    In the US, car dealers often offer these paint protection systems with brand new cars for an extra $300-500 a year (subsequent applicatoins peg at around $100/year)... Which is even a bigger joke... In the US, even a good carnauba would last 2-3 months under regular exposure to the elements, a sealant will last for about 6 months, meaning at most, you'll be re-waxing your car once every 2-3 months or seal 2-3x a year. The cost will be under $50...

    If it was my money (and if I have a new car/newly painted car), I would spend 1-2K for a detail, then opt for Ziebart's lower cost paint protection (I think mga 3K lang sya first app)... Makes more sense to me...

    That's my 2C though...

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    Oct 2002
    Thanks Sir theveed,

    I think I'll go with your suggestion on having my ride undergo prof. detailing before going to Ziebart for the paint protection. How often should I have my car detailed/sealed?

    Learned alot from this thread.

    More Power bro! Peace.

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    Oct 2002
    read the other thread about how often should I wax...

    short answer: when necessary.

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    Oct 2002
    Agree ako sa arguments mo Theveed 100%.
    Six grand is a lot of money to spend on "paint protection"
    that is just equivalent to regularly waxing your car.

    With that kind of money, you can buy a good car polisher already
    plus top of the line car care products. Ikaw na lang ang magpa-kintab
    ng kotse mo....There is great satisfaction in detailing your car yourself...

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    Oct 2002
    I agree also with theveed, esp. on two points:

    1. You will probably get more depth and shine if you have your car detailed 3x a year, or get the zaino thing and detail your car about 3x a year (with 2 years' worth of supply for about 5k, which is less than the diamond gloss).

    2. For "drive and forget" guys, which are probably everyone else who does not post in this forum, the Diamond Gloss / Paint Protection of Ziebart, Value Gard, and others, are a BETTER choice.

    In short, if you like detailing your car, do it yourself with the tips you get in this forum and from theveed's site. You'll do it better, and cheaper.


    1. If you're not a computer guy, just buy yourself an HP or Dell or Compaq.

    2. If you're a computer guy: buy your own components. You'll have a faster, more powerful system, and probably cheaper.


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    Sep 2003
    nag-enquire ako sa ziebart kanina, 6200php po yung Diamond Gloss nila for our revo .. then yung yearly application eh 3100 na lang daw... nagdadalawang isip pa rin ako kung kukunin ko

    1) DG sa ziebart na 6200php 1st time...then 3100 for 2nd year and above at california duster
    2) magpapa-wax na lang na lang ako kay big berts mga 2x a year
    3) bibili ng black and decker na orbital buffer sa ace hardware na mga worth 2500php ata at mga liquid wax ..

    meron na kasi mga water stain yung sasakyan namin after 2 months na nilabas ng casa... den bumili ako ng turtle wax (liquid type na color light green) sa SM .. tinesting ko sa hood lang muna at nawala yung mga water mark.. naging makintab nga pero halatang na-wax naman ...bagong cloth gamit ko at di madiin sa pag wax ..

    meron pa ba kayo masa-suggest na brand ng car wax na pwede ko i-try?

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    Jan 1970
    Here's the effect of Zeibart's DG protection on my Prado. Go to

    I had this service done 2 yrs ago and only 1 rebuff since then.
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maintenance of car w ziebart's diamond gloss sealant