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    Oct 2002
    H&R's and Bilsteins??! :shock:

    Excellent choice! You'll be very happy :mrgreen:

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    Oct 2002
    is that yours pierre?

    anong combination mo ng shocks/springs?

    magkano lahat?

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    Oct 2002
    yep! H&R and Bilsteins! SWEEEEEEEET! 8)

    The retail price are P24,000 for the Bilsteins and P10,500 for th H&R's :shock:

    I got two finger gap on all 4 corners but I think I may have to raise the height a little bit using the Bilsteins adjustable spring perch.

    The H&R's coupled with the Bilsteins has a firm ride. I still have to get used to it since its my first time to lower a car

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    Oct 2002
    Superman , ano kotse mo ? di ko talaga ma figure out sa pics , tnx .

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    Oct 2002
    its a Civic

    ganda ng combo..H&R + Bilsteins

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    Oct 2002
    WOW!!!very nice....if only i could afford bilsteins and if only theres one for my car....hehe..

    ganda cguro ng handling nyan..

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by Supierreman
    yep! H&R and Bilsteins! SWEEEEEEEET! 8)
    Best combo out there (IMHO), Supierreman! Congratulations, and enjoy the ride!

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    Oct 2002

    yep! like what yamyam said... "its a Civic " (he he..parang slogan ah)

    it's a 96-98 EK sedan VTi (sadly when I got the unit Dec 24 1997... a few months later the SiR came out )

    yamyam, e46boi, nikko m,
    thanks... ok ba combination? he he... German combo in a Japanese car! he he... even my brake pads are UK EBC brakes... halo halo na laman ng oto ko he he. (if i only had more money I'd go for engine swap :P ...pero baka hindi ako payagan )

    As for the handling... I think it's ok when I try approaching corners. Hindi lang talaga ako sanay sa pagkadrop niya :o .. in a few weeks time maybe I'll try to raise it a bit

    Had my share of scrapes from humps lately eh... sabi sa akin baka yung resonator ko daw.. Oh well the things to live with when one lowers a car. :mrgreen:

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    Oct 2002
    Sweet!!! H&R Rocks!!!!

    Nice ride, Man of Steel :lol:

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    Oct 2002
    he he thanks...

    actually guys I have another problem now with the drop I have... I noticed that the aftermarket Hydraulic jack I bought can't fit under the jacking point. Masyado mababa eh yung jack na nabili ko yung parang Vertical na tube.

    I'd be using my oem scissors jack tapos bili na lang ako nung Hydraulic alligator jack. Hirap na pag naflat... hassle magpalit ng gulong eh naka all white pa naman suot ko lagi kaya convenience na rin for me yung Hydraulic jack.

    pero since man of steel.. pwed ko na rin siguro buhatin yung oto gaya nung ginawa nung baby Superman dun sa movie he he :lol:

Lowering Springs... what would you recommend?