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    I talked to Jun of Megs Kamias regaring this topic. He mentioned to me that you can start a auto detailing shop for about 150K. From that amount, the initial outlay for the Meg products (compounds, polishes, waxes, etc.) would be about 80K - 100K. Tapos if you get two of each type of equipment needed (polishers, vaccums, pressure washers, etc.) mga 50K to 70K. They will also provide training for you and your tauhan.

    Suggested floor area for the shop would be about 250 square meters. Good for about 6 - 8 cars at a time. Depende rin sa layout ng place.

    Oh yeah... di pa pala kasama yung lugar sa 150K.:?

    Chieffy: pakisend narin yung info ng tungkol sa 3M. :D Thanks!:mrgreen:

  2. FrankDrebin Guest

    Thanks for the info.

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How to start you own detailing shop?