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    Oct 2002
    went to Meguiar's Shaw kanina...miogi had 1 step detailing for his mitsu adventure...the best talaga Meguiar's...madudulas langaw kapag dumapo :lol:..kidding aside, mahal talaga ng Meguiar's Gold Class Php per Jeff(Manager), pang show car at iba talaga ang kintab...bibili ako pag nakaluwag....

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    Oct 2002

    how long did it take to do the job? may i ask for the exact address (directions to go there), i am coming from Shangrila Plaza. how much for the 1 step?

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    Oct 2002
    GC is a good show wax, but doesn't last for crap... using it for a daily driver is quite a task to maintain...

    As long as you polish your paint well, almost any good product/brand will give you that "madudulas langaw" feel...

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    Oct 2002
    pyoyong1, sabi ni miogi 9 am pa lang nandun na siya. Pumunta ako doon around 2 pm, katatapos lang. Eto address: Unit 107 PELBEL Bldg, 2019 Shaw Boulevard, Brgy Oranbo, Pasig City. Look for Jeff Ofiana (Manager) tel # 687-3059. From Shang kaliwa ka lang ng Shaw, lagpas pa ng circle, malapit sa tapat ng Landbank, nasa opposite side sila. Open sila Mondays thru Saturdays from 8 am to 6 pm. Sundays by appointment only pero kailangan din 2 detailing service ang pagagawa mo. 1 step for a small vehicle would cost you Php 950 pero sila magsasabi kung ano dapat gawin sa kotse mo. Balak ko nga pa-complete interior detailing sa kanila eh.

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    Oct 2002
    While you're there, hingi kayo ng car wash card kay Jeff... get 10 washes and the 11th is free...

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    Oct 2002
    Is it ok to use rubbing compound on your car's paint? If so, what's a good rubbing compound :?:

    There's this small spot on our old '90 Dragon that looks a little lighter than the surrounding paint (metallic red) and i want it too look consistent with the rest of the body.

    Thanks pipol! :mrgreen:

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    Oct 2002
    Sir Theveed,
    I'm planning to have my White Pickup waxed this weekend. San po ba ok magpa-wax? May ni-recommend si sir Ungas sakin kaso medyo malayo po ang banawe. Sana un may meguiars products para ok. And how much kaya ang singil sakin? Will 2k be enough? thanks! By the way, i live in marikina.

    Gusto mo ikaw nalang mag-wax sir, i'll pay you 5 andoy's roasted chickens :lol: :lol: :wink:

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    Oct 2002

    I think theveed will tell you that waxing itself isn't what will make your car really shine. It's the preparation before waxing:

    1. Surface contamination removal (so waxes can adhere better; to remove the grittiness feeling of the paint to make it nice and smooth);
    2. Intensive cleaning (normally done once or twice a year) to remove oxidation, stains, swirl marks... probably the longest and most meticulous process;
    3. Polishing and/or glazing. Polishing intensifies the shine by adding nutritive oils and, well, polishing. Glazing covers up the swirlies and scratches left behind or could not be removed by previous steps;
    4. Waxing or sealing -- protects the shine you just made by doing the previous steps. May also deepen the shine.

    If Step 4 is the only one you are willing to do, then that should be a 30 to 60 minute job (excluding the washing). PAD boys will suggest a combo cleaner/polish/wax type thing so it becomes one step na lang. NuFinish (available in Concorde) was suggested.

    Now, for information given, that's one roasted chicken. Send to Alabang, please.


    P.S. Go to a detailing place like a Meguiar's detailer or something, and they'll tell you that, depending on the condition of your finish, it may be a 4 to 8 hour job... and those guys are already equipped with washers, polishers, high speed rotaries, and employees... (i.e., kulang ang 5 roasted chickens... heheh)

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    Oct 2002
    Thank you Alfa for typing those for me... Singilin mo na for 1 chicken... :D

    Djerms: Hehe... matindi yan ah, 5 chickens, masisira new year's plan ko to lose fat hehe.

    Since taga Marikina ka, you can drive along Tuazon (yung street after sports complex heading Marcos) and you'll see Paint Tricks and another shop there that offers 3M and Meguiar's products.

    Take good note of what Alfa has mentioned. Unless na gawa mo na step 1-3, applying a layer of wax will not help much. Wax will not last on a dirty surface because it'll then be sitting on a dirty surface instead of the paint itself.

    Kung wax job lang hanap mo di aabot ng 2K yan, mga P300 lang kahit good shops. Also, don't shop by brand... I can assure you that you can get a superior finish using off-the-shelf products if done by a skilled detailer kesa mag all Meguiar's/3M/Mother's ka pa in the hands of a hack.

    Be a smart consumer, don't shop by "image" alone.

    If you have a 2K budget anyway, I advice that you get a 1-step paint detail instead for your pickup. A good cleaner polish will create a dramatic change on your pickup.

    Check your PM narin...

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    Jan 2008
    Hello everyone... great thread! I learned a lot... thanks

    Quick question lang po...does anyone here ever used an F1 product particularly the F1 Carnuba Gold Wax and F1 Wash and Wax ar shampoo??? Are they any good in terms of shine and durability? The price isn't that bad kasi compare to meguiars...

    Thanks po...

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