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    Feb 2007
    Sa itlog ko dati, #1 lang sa fan and thermostat is at 12 o'clock. Kahit tanghali malamig na yun.

    Sa jazz ko naman ngayon #1 lang sa fan and 1 o'clock sa thermostat.

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    Jan 2008
    kung saan ako comfortable na temp.. pag medyo nalamigan na eh ibaba ng konti pag medyo nainitan eh taas ng konti..

    also kahit saan nyo i-set yung fan yung power consumption nyan is "almost the same" in all settings from lowest to highest.. why?? your fan speed is controlled by a "resistor" placed inide your blower assembly so even you set it at low the resistor shares power with the fan so it will run slow...resistance depends on the fan speed..

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    Jan 2003
    what about climate controlledc ars? i noticed that my compressor doesn't turn off regardless of what temperature setting. so does setting it in 16degrees or 25degrees has no effect in FC? TIA

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    Jul 2007
    pasensya na kung medyo binuhay ko itong thread, kaso kasi di ko na mapigilan sarili ko... grabe.... di ko alam kung mahina na talaga ang a/c ko or mainit lang talaga ang panahon... nagpacheck na ako a/c kanina, cleaning na din, pakarga na din freon. pinalitan pa thermostat kasi medyo alanganin na daw, pero di pa din ako satisfied hay... grabe ang panahon ngaun... hirap na hirap na a/c ng sasakyan ko...

    ganun din ba sa inyo ngaun???

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    Feb 2009
    the comfort level for each person varies. some skinny person versus a hefty one will have different comfort level. the heftier one will ask for a cooler environment since their body emits more heat. the food we eat sometimes is a factor in how cool our bodies need to be. usually, the comfort level is within 20 degrees fahrenheit lower than our average body temperature: 98.6 minus 20 = 78.6 degrees fahrenheit(25.8 degrees celsius). some people are comfortable at 65 fahrenheit. the ability for your airconditioning or climate control to put the car interior to your comfort levels depends on some factors assuming the a/c is working properly and efficiently. 1. .the size of the unit, 2. the amount of degree of ambient temperature, 3. the build of the passengers, 4. the number of occupants of the car, 5. the insulation of the car. 6. the paint color of the car (police cars usually have white tops). the ambient temperature supercedes the other factors that it dictates how much the condenser can dump heat to the atmosphere. if the temperature outside is the same as the condenser or if the temperature outside is higher, the condenser can not transfer the heat to the atmosphere and most of it is kept in the a/c system. it will require the discharge pressure to be higher (to raise the condenser temperature) to be able to disperse the unwanted heat from the car's interior.

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    Jun 2008
    depends on the weather: raining days and christmas time 7am . summer 12o clock. tanghaling tapat naka bilad sa araw summer; 2 o clock. mornings papasok sa work 9 o clock lang. pag maraming sakay 12 o clock.
    vios 2009. 1.3

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    Dec 2007
    nasa 3/4 ang condenser tapos 3 ang fan

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    Jan 2018
    Ask ko lng paanu mllman pag nasa 9 oclock and dial ng thermostat salamat po

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by redwarriors34 View Post
    Ask ko lng paanu mllman pag nasa 9 oclock and dial ng thermostat salamat po

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    Oct 2012
    maybe loose screws What's your aircon temperature setting?

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What's your aircon temperature setting?