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    Jun 2005
    thank you sir yebo.
    i will look for a second hand thermostat. and have my pump checked.

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    nagtatapon pag nag stop ka lang? Pwede rin kasing may sira na gasket mo or the cylinder head itself. Pag nagka singaw dun or hindi na lapat cylinder head pressure will push the water out of your cooling system. Pag compression test mo rin yung engine.

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    Jun 2005
    nagtatpon ng tubig when i turn the engine off. and not during stop and go traffic. kakapalit lang po ng cylinder head gasket mga 2mos ago when my liteace overheated. at "shaved" ng konti yung cylinder/piston heads ko.

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    Nov 2003
    who replaced it? baka mali torque nila kung nagbabawas ka parin until now.

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    Jun 2005
    okay naman yung shop. kakilala namin.

    i just went to banawe kanina to buy a thermostat. 500pesos. then when they removed the radiator cap assembly, meron pa palang thermostat dun. and there was a small rubber (parang galing sa tsinelas) na naka-stuck sa thermostat kaya hindi siya makasara nang maganda. so pinalitan na yung thermostat and mukha naman ok. =)

    keep you updated.

    sana this theread would help other liteace owners. =)

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    Jun 2005
    i just came home from the airport. medyo gumanda nga yung temp ng liteace. pero nung malapit na ako sa bahay, medyo tumataas pa rin yung temp. pero not as fast and not as high as before. wen i got home, nagtutulo na naman from the reservior.

    i guess my next move is have the water pump checked diba?

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    Dec 2003
    maganda dyan change everything, waterpump, hoses etc. kung pwede nga pati radiator mismo. tapos problema mo and your cooling system will be trouble free for a long time.

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    Jun 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by bistro
    i have a 1997 Toyota Lite Ace

    3 days ago, i had my radiator changed. ngayon kulay black na yung radiator. pero water is still being spilled out from the reserviour everytime i stop the engine.

    ano kaya ang problem?
    1. Bago ba radiator na pinalit mo or second hand? Kasi as far I could remember eh walang effect kung ano mang kulay ang radiator mo. If that is second hand, have it overhauled.

    2. Meron nabibiling engine flush na lilinis sa cooling system ng makina. Some service stations offer this lalo na kung katatapos lang ma overhaul ang radiator. This will remove all the rust and "bara" sa iyong cooling system. More or less, it works like liquid soza pero pang makina nga lang. Nirerecommend lang ito at certain intervals like just after a radiator overhaul dahil nakakatigas rin ng mga water hose ito pag napadalas.

    3. Usually ang mga radiator shops recommend upgrading to a bigger radiator kung hindi makaya ng makina. Better look for the tanso and not the plastic coz mahirap maghanap ng nagooverhaul ng plastic na radiator.

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    Jun 2005
    brand new naman po yung radiator ko. baka mag-canvas ako ng water pump. is there anyway to know kung sira ang water pump? wala naman akong nakikitang tulo eh. at matigas naman ang ikot ng fan ko when i try to turn it.

    i will try to have my radiator flushed din. thanks guys.

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    Oct 2002
    Why not try having your cooling system cleaned by a machine called lavramon? Instead of having every part flushed. It'll cost you less.

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