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    Nov 2002
    question lang po.

    right after my car'sradiator was flushed, i immediately drove off to edsa to pick up my wife. traffic was not too heavy at that time and the weather is not that hot. but i noticed that my temp gauge is stil over the half-mark. bat ganun? is this thing normal on your 1st drive after radiator flushing?

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    Oct 2002
    that used to be my problem too. i really had trouble finding out what was wrong with it. BAKA MAHINA takbo ng FAN mo??

    in my case, i thought yun nga. Lahat mahina ang electricity. lights were dimmer, aircon blower mahina din. i tried replacing my Alternator to a bigger capacity, (75 amps) and yet mahina pa din.

    In the end, we were able to trace down the culprit... kulang lang pala sa body grounding. After adding some wires to body ground, everything went ok. My temp now rarely goes to half mark. when it does, either kulang sa tubig radiator ko, or im driving in traffic at noon time. otherwise, my temp just goes up just in between the 1/4 and 1/2 mark.

    There's also a thread in clubmitsu discussion board about Earthing or Body grounding. you might also want to check it out.

    here' s the link 30.topic

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    Nov 2002
    thanks juno.

    i'll try to have my mechanic check my fan.

    regarding body grounding, i'll check out the website you recommended. just in case, any shop you can recommend that does this? i don't think my mechanic is an expert on this.


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    Oct 2002
    madali lang yung body grounding. any auto electrical shop could do that for you. the simplest way is to add a connection directly from your battery's (-) terminal to car's body. now if you want to follow the grounding techniques, just take note of the grounding points :

    (quoted from ARL)

    1) battery to body - gawa ka 2 o 3
    2) distributor mounting bolt
    3) dun sa bakal sa gilid ng cyl. head (yung ginagamit kung ibaba yung makina), parang hook
    4) sa block - best place is dun sa bolt ng engine support na nakakabit sa block
    5) sa mounting bolt ng block sa tranny, malapit sa starter

    di naman dilikado yung procedure eh.

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    Oct 2002
    Check your temperature sensor. Dip it in water and see if the temp gauge still has a high reading.

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    Nov 2002
    just to let u know na ok na uli temp ng car ko. auxillary fan nga ang problema. pinalitan ko lang bumalik na uli sa normal ang temp. thanx for all your help.

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    Nov 2002
    They all say the same thing, i.e. walang relasyon sa radiator flush! Check mo na lang kung tama ang level ng coolant/tubig o kung may leak(s). Ito lang ang may relasyon sa flushing e. Baka naman pagkatapos i-flush hindi nalagyan ng tamang quantity ng coolant/tubig o di nasikipan yung drain plug or radiator cap. Check the level when the engine is cold and check for leaks when already at operating temp!

    Kung di yun ang problema, overheating na talaga ang problema. This is when you check your fans, thermostat, radiator cap and worst yung compression.

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    Oct 2002
    ey mantoy. hindi mo state kung ano normal operating condition ng car mo before. most cars kasi have that. yung oto ko ngayon, 1/2 of the thermometer ang normal operating temperature (lancer glx - 2k).

    second is, tama sila....check mo yung condition ng radiator fan. and the last is, kung may leak, probably water pump problems.

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    Nov 2002
    Mga bagay rin na kailangan natingf maintindihan pag dating sa Temperature ng mga tsikot natin ay yung Auxillary Fan Sensors, Ratio ng Coolant vs. Water sa radiator and also when it comes to older cars eh yung valve gaps ng mga ito....

    Maraming jap cars puro sensor ang parating chine-check.
    Sa mga euro naman eh puro coolant vs. water ratio naman.

    Suggest ko lang sa mga peeps dito sa kahit papaano ay mag-invest sa specific
    "Factory Service Manual". May kamahalan pero much worth it kesa sa maling
    pagpalit ng mga parts na di naman pala sira....

    RIDE ON....8)

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    Oct 2002
    When i experienced a high temp reading before, but it was not yet high enough to make the car overheat, it was the thermostat that needed to be changed (it wasnt letting the water flow through as efficiently as it should). If that is the case, mura lang naman thermostat, don't do the standard "kanto mekaniko" pratice of removing the thermostat.

    Check your fans and belts as well.

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high temp even after radiator flush