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    Feb 2005
    Hi all, just a question re A/C leaks.
    Just last week, my AC stopped cooling.
    Had it checked at the suki AC shop, found out that there was no freon. They leak-tested (air pressure and submerged in H2O) the evap, high pressure and LP lines, and they "found" a leak in the pressure switch. I had the pressure switched replaced, and was able to use the car the rest of the day (did about 50km worth of driving). The next morning, it started off with weak cooling, then later in the day, totally none! Brought it back to the shop, where they did the same leak test on all components (condenser, compressor, etc.). They again "found" a small leak on the pressure switch, but when I observed the leak, it was literally just 1 small bubble (not a continuous stream of bubbles), and it would happen whenever they pressurize the line to 250psi, then drop the pressure. Just 1 bubble!
    Now I doubt if the original pressure switch had anything wrong with it.

    They were recommending to "plug" the pressure switch (meaning block it off, disabling it). I didnt agree and so they just recharged the system.

    Is plugging the pressure switch a normal occurence? Of course, according to them, they do it all the time.

    The owner also mentioned that since there was no real leak, the problem might be in the relief valve of the compressor. Anyone heard of this before?

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    Jun 2007
    sir tanung ko lang nung pinagawa mo ba yung aircon mo nilinis rin nila?
    sir maganda siguro palinis mo yung buong cooling system mo kasi yan ang madalas cause ng pag breakdown ng buong cooling system pag madumi
    pati san pala area mo?

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    Dec 2006
    did they check the evaporator?this is usually the source of leaks in the system. with the pressure switch, if they really changed it with a new one, why was it still leaking?

Aircon Leak