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    Oct 2002
    yong isang tsikoter natin, si Yebo, di maka-login sa tsikot or other hosted sites... ang nagblock sa kanya.

    help pls


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    Dec 2003
    Its likely that Yebo works for a company and the firewall is blocking is his access. I think its common company policy to block none work related sites.

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    Nov 2002
    siguro natiktikan na si yebo ng employer nya..lagi na lang sya kasi nagtsitsikot eh..hehe too bad, sana maayos ni yebo un!

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    Jun 2004
    I visited and learned that they more of vendor than a service provider. He may be block via the Firewall or the webfiltering products offered by securecomputing.

    In the filtering process, the securecomputing webs sites provides the control list in which yehey domain is listed as blocked.

    In a corporate world, they own the IT resources and they have the right to protect their investment.

    The only way to workaround is to visit a site that allows to browse other site. This more of a backdoor approach.

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    Oct 2002
    thanks doublea, message forwarded to yebo via text

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    Jul 2003
    yeapp... yung mga proxy servers ata na sites pwede.. im not sure nga lang kung pwede mag post

    sa friendster sa school namin yan ang ginagamit ng mga tao <---ito pinakamaganda piliin niyo lang un anonymizer

    yan yung mga sites na nagooffer ng proxy..try niyo yan, kasi sa school namin nakablock ng websense yung mga sites na iba, like ****o, friendster and the like hehe

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    Jan 2004
    Or it could be that securecomputing has listed Adhearus as a non-trustworthy site. And this site has ads from Adhearus embedded. Adhearus attempts to place cookies on our computers without our permission. If your IE security settings are low, this will be permitted.

    Baka lang...

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    Oct 2002
    thanks pissword, ok nga

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    Oct 2002
    haaay salamat naka-pasok din.

    many thanks to redhorse na kahit gabi na nag-text pa din sa akin! thanks you sir!

    i used, thank you din po pissword.

    lumalabas dun sa blocking message ng securecomputing ang category ng and yehey is "***" o kaya "****ography". i sent them an email asking them to review tsikot and yehey. pero syempre wala pa din replly. kaso pa e pauwi na ako tomorrow afternoon so di ko rin makita results.

    anyway, may alternative. thanks again sa lahat!

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    Feb 2003
    happened to us here in the office too. since last monday any site related to has been blocked by our firewall.

    but just today we found out that if we use and not go through the main site we are able to access the forums.

    kaya eto, ang unread posts topics ko are 12 pages long :-)

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