Good Day TSikot,

I need your expert advise,
Few days ago i noticed noise, like rattling noise whenever i switch on or off the engine,
And i figured, "baka muffler support lang or engine support, no big deal"
So i went this morning to our suking talyer and have that noise double checked,
He went over and under the engine while i switch it on and and off for a few times,
Then he said, "wala naman alog ser", sabi ko "boss, yung mga screw kaya nung mga support, baka meh loose",
And again he went over those things and said "mahigpit naman ser", and another mechanic tried to find the noise and said that it is coming from the transmission, or the starter motor (which i highly doubt kasi meron din rattle when switching off the engine).

Ang question ko sir, according sa kwento ko, do you guys think na sa transmission nga talaga galing yung noise? Or baka ??starter motor?? nga?

If sa transmission, bakit sya tumutunog ng gnun?

Thank you guys sa pagbasa plang ng kwento ko, hope you guys could help me with my very irritaring noise problem.*

The car is an AE101 btw.