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    Aug 2003
    i'm posting this here so that i can confirm if my non-expert "diagnosis" is correct.

    my clutch pedal has been squeaking for several months now. every time i press the clutch, it squeaks. on several occasions over the past few months, biglang lumalambot yung pedal (as in it sinks to the floor and won't come back up) and hindi ako maka-shift ng gears. pero eventually "tumitigas" ulit (enough of the gutter jokes, hehehe..) and nakaka-shift ulit ako.

    dati this would only happen once in a month. but this past month it has happened more and more often. yesterday it happened so many times i lost count. laking problema pag kailangan mag-stop sa traffic light, kasi di na ako maka-larga (parang tinirik na rin kasi kahit umaandar makina, di makagalaw).

    my "solution" was to shut off the engine, put the car in 1st gear, then crank the engine. yeah, i know, really abuses the starter motor. when i did this, the car would jump forward. i would then floor the gas pedal, and sa awa ng Diyos the engine would catch and the car would continue on its way... tapos i would do the "gear shift by chamba" technique to shift gears without using the #$%#$!! nonfunctioning clutch. first time i've ever done it in my life. hanggang 2nd gear lang ako hehehe... nakaka-abot naman ng 40 km/h.

    i noticed this morning that the brake fluid reservoir is really low. i think it lost a lot of fluid last night.

    anyway, the car can't move anymore. it's sitting in basement parking (buti nga nakauwi pa 'ko kagabi..) i contacted "banaweonline" on this forum for a home repair kasi di na ako makaabot maski evangelista.

    i would just like to hear the group's theories as to what got damaged (of course i have my own theory, but it would be nice to get verification).

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    Nov 2002
    based on personal experience, it may be the clutch master or secondary pump since you are losing brake fluid. this is the case for hydraulic clutches. same kasi ang fluid reservoir ng brakes at clutch. mura lang kit nito kung kaya pang ayusin. unless may tagas rin preno mo, then it could be another problem. just my theory. hope it helps and good luck!

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    Jan 2003
    same guess^^^^

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    Aug 2003
    hehe.. that was my theory too. binabili ko na kasi si mr banaweonline nung clutch master cylinder eh.. thanks.

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    Sep 2004
    that happen to me just last week medyo maganit pag nag shi-shift ng gear. Pa adjust ko lng cluch pedal oks na ulit

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    Nov 2003
    if you loose pressure sa pedal sure na yung na clutch master. check also the slave kung nagwowork pa or may leak narin.

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