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    Mar 2008
    Help mga gurus! I bought a second hand Nissan X-trail 250x and I noticed that when I accelerate, the body of my car shakes. I already changed all the 4 tires and rims, have it balanced and aligned but I still experience the same problem. I also have it repaired in casa and they noticed that the cross membrane was already repaired, it has a welding spot on the connecting side and the connecting rod, ball joint was all busted because of the miss aligned cross membrane. So their recommendation is to change the cross membrane, ball joints, connecting rods, have it camber and align again. But after all these changes and repairs, the problem is still there and now their diagnosis is to check and change the torque converter or axle assembly. I already spent a huge amount of money to fix this problem and I don't want to let go another huge amount of money without knowing the right fix for my car problem. So really need your expertise and opinion on my problem, please help

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    Nov 2008
    The mere fact that your car shakes only when you accelerate is a symptom that a physical chassis imbalance exists in your car due to increased torque. Please have your car underchassis diagnosed inclusive of ALL rubber mounts and flywheel vibration isolator.(This is a rubber coupling which links your flywheel to the flywheel hub). Also test bench test your torque converter.

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    Oct 2008
    sir na major accident po ba yan? sir miss align crossmember po.. wheel setback yan.. i mean yung wheelbase nya iba ang sukat well pag ganyan dapat mahina na yung returnability ng steering wheel nyo po.. nakakaranas po kyo ng ganun?

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    Mar 2006
    You may consider visiting some experts when it comes to this like

    tranny shops

    underchassis specialists

    or the guys who are good at drivability problems

    you can get some accurate answers from them instantly

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    Nov 2006
    when does it happen,slow or high speed? what speed did the vibration start?does it also happen in park while engine running?did the vehicle involve in colission?help me answer this question and i will help find the cause of this problem.

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    Mar 2008
    thanks for all the inputs. anyway to answer some of your questions, the vibration happens everytime I accelerates, minsan kahit 30 KPH palang nag start na syang mag vibrate, especially when you press the gas pedal hard, pero pag free wheel na ako even mabilis na yung takbo nawawala yung vibration. Yung returnability ng steering wheel nya medyo mabagal when I turn left and medyo kapos yung left turn nya compare sa right, sabi sa akin noong last mechanic na nag check hinabol daw kasi yung straight steering wheel ko versus the wheel alignment. I think major accident talaga yung nagyari sa car na ito. Sir Bambino, please refer naman some names of shop that you mentioned and Sir Du1em, pano ba yung bench test sa torque converter and what shop you recommend that offers underchasis diagnosis?

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    Oct 2002
    Ok pa ba engine supports mo?
    Need an Ambulance? We sell Zic Brand Oils and Lubricants. Please PM me.

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    Mar 2008
    nabanggit din ng mechanic yung engine support, pero sabi nya hindi daw yung ang major problem kasi hindi daw dapat grabe yung vibration nya kung engine support lang, kasi hindi pa naman daw ganon ka busted yung engine support ng car.

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    Nov 2007
    engine support and transmision support try mo din contact yung dating may ari ng x trail

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    Mar 2008
    pinagtataguan na ako noong dating may-ari, last time na nakausap ko sya dine-deny nya yung sira ng car, mali ko lang hindi ko sya na test drive sa highway, twice ko sya na drive bago ko bilin pero sa loob lang subdivision nila kaya hindi ko masyadong mapuna yung vibration.

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Body shakes when accelerating